September 3rd, 2016

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A Study Focus

Neil Gaiman and Amanda Palmer are everything that Brad and Angelina are not. And Brad and Angelina are a lot. But Niel and Amanda. Wow. They have had such influence on my life. I started collecting comics because of Neil. I started this year of chance and adventure because of inspiration from Amanda. And now . . . a simple book recommendation from Neil has altered the course of my life again.

"Atlas Obscura." If you want to know something new. Atlas Obscura. There is a website. Yes. Aside from work, I have done nothing else.

And I have learned so many new things in the last 36 hours, my head is about to explode. And this has completely changed the direction of my education. I've been auditing online courses from assorted universities, figuring, once I found a place I liked, and a focus of study, I would pick one and actually apply for course credits.

I was thinking about mideval literature. My mom took a couple of classes on it when I was younger. But thanks, in a round about way, to Atlas Obscura, I have discovered that the Crusades lasted for five centuries and influenced the majority of art and literature of the time. No thank you. I don't want to study literature about Jew killers. That's what history is for.

I'm avoiding the sciences, because of the obvious cognitive deficits in my brain. No math. No economics. No science, except maybe geology. But I have no love for geology.

So, I have to study more history before I can figure out what I want to actually study. By going back in time and seeing what was going on historically, I can figure out what the major thinking behind the creation of art and literature, I can decide if I really want to get embroiled in it.

I have the sinking feeling that I'm going back to Greece or Rome. Pagan Times. Great philosophers. A couple of new languages to learn to read. At least I don't have to learn to converse in them.