September 2nd, 2016

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"(GOD) Money, I'd do anything for you."

Have you ever had one of those things happens when something you had some wild self-explanation about is revealed at last, when you never imagined it would be? Have you ever twisted your own view of reality and logic to make way, make excuses, for someone who does nothing but seeable wrong? Only to find out you twisted it for nothing? That every bad, hateful thought you ever had about their possible motives was right, and you have wasted a whole lot of time and energy trying to accept something that realistically should not be accepted?

Like, let me think here . . . You find out that the Tooth Fairy is real. But she doesn't pay you, your parents pay you to keep a secret that all adults must accept and tolerate: she is using the teeth to clone children for an off-world slave race. This is reality. Everyone knows it. About half of the people in the world go to great lengths not to admit it, making up stories and myths and belief systems to rationalize it. Ergo, the monetary compensation, the one thing that means more than the concept of a solid reality. The other half of the world wants to stop it but has no idea how. They don't know where it begins, where it is rooted, it has just always been. And the sheer horror of it makes everyone deny it to a point, to a point where they can be distracted from it by the littlest things. And the Tooth Fairy and her gang do everything they can to whip up the little distractions and keep everyone from even agreeing that cloning children from teeth and using them as slaves is bad, let alone doing anything about it.

Okay, so I just found out the Tooth Fairy was real, and any knowledge I was publicly given growing up (that which I did not take or pay for), had been deliberately twisted to fit a political idea. Let me try to rephrase that: Knowledge, the thing I treasure most in this life, has been denied to at least two and a half American generations of the public, in the name of what? Money. Indoctrination. Deliberate Ignorance. For bloody useless fucking politics and money. Both of which are worth nothing at death's door.

If I hadn't been tutored, had my grandparent's not paid for my education that was lacking due to frequent relocations, with the strict religious upbringing I had . . . there but for the grace of God. I mean . . . my grandparents literally saved me. Even raised mostly in liberal California, public schools have been inundated with the Right's well-funded perspectives on history, social sciences, economics, science, math, literature, and art. From grade-school, onward, through college. If you can't dodge it by then, you're screwed and left to fate to discover that "Atlas Shrugged" is laughable on your own. Because the speakers and the teachers and the textbooks and the lectures are all being monitored, and they have been since the early 70's.

Kids these days, and even us Gen Xers, first victims of these "reforms," are now kind of lucky. We have the internet. We can look up the facts, do the research. Not take my word for it. Google the "Powell Document" where it all started to become official. But we had to wait this long, and the damage of the last 50 years of destructive economic propaganda and the culture wars it spawned is already done. The fabric of society here is tearing, because it is that threadbare, after being slapped on the rocks of those culture wars for all this time. You can sew a torn seam, but you can't repair shreds. You have to start over.

The questions I guess now are, how far back are we going to be taken in time before we are allowed to start over? And is there a way to just rebuild and demolish as we go, or is total destruction needed first?

Also, where do I get a list of/access to unadulterated high school textbooks? I have a lot of relearning to do, and a lot of holes to fill in.

I'm just going to work on that and not think about the systematic deception that we are all victims of or the time and patience I wasted trying to "understand" and "tolerate" people that aren't taught any better. It's not so much that the Right, or the GOP is "bad," they are just too ignorant to know or be any better than hateful denialist bigots. They deserve our pity, not our tolerance. Unlike the things they wage war on, stupid can be fixed.