August 29th, 2016

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Okay, Right, Then!

Some MUCH-needed good news just came my way. I mean, with the bike getting stolen, and the resulting bike making my account bounce, and Felix being gone, and just everything that has happened this summer . . . there is one good thing: Deniz. My drummer. My band's leader. He has been the one constant source of joy for me the past few months, and without even knowing it, he came through for me again. Right in time, before I did any more damage to myself *looks accusingly at bandage covering lower arm*.

See, the band doesn't know anything about me, I don't think. I know they know where to find out anything they want to know, they just haven't, so far as I am aware. The only thing they know is that I'm schizophrenic and can't read music or sing like Kate Bush. They seem to like me anyway. D may know more, he plays his cards close. The whole band thing has this really weird vibe because of where we started and where we are, and we are all coming into this mature and realistic. Our big aim is dive bars. D is willing to do a 45 minute kit load-in to play a hole in the wall. They are my kind of people. They just want to perform. I so get that.

So, I am this weird, blonde enigma to them. But they have chosen me to front their art. This, to me is a HUGE privilege, especially after hearing them play and collecting their music for the past couple of months. They are very talented men. I guess none of them just feels like stepping into the spotlight and making a mess. That's why they got themselves a Cydniey.

So, we're on hiatus. The bassist is out of the country right now for a bit of a vaca at home. D is getting school started with the kids (his boy and girl are AMAZING, more on them later), and working on replacing material and equipment stolen from the studio this summer. And while they have been doing their things, I have been making videos and trying to make music to go with them.

Okay, big ug. I have no natural rhythm. Or, at least, I can't play a friggin' drum machine or piano on beat. I'm just trying to lay down some simple tracks, at the very least, drums, I can work with drums. I'll even go for a "signature" drum beat that I can use on a multitude of pieces. Not a problem.

Very big problem.

Out of sheer desperation, as I heard Amanda Palmer whispering, "Just ask," over my shoulder, I asked Deniz if he ever played with the guys' drum machine that they used when he wasn't around. I inquired if he would be willing to lay down a couple of beats for me, and I would repeat them and cut them to size and all of that.

I just got the most enthusiastic response from him. We may end up in the studio with him laying down beats live with his big kit while I read, which would be the most awesome in the world.
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Have I Ever Told you About Rose-dog?

When I spotted her on the Animal Foundation website during the "Dog Days of Summer" promotion, and fell instantly in love with her min-pin/terrier self, I didn't know she had one chance and just a couple of days to live. When we got there, we had trouble finding her, we were directed to the wrong kennel twice. When I finally found her, she was in her cage, shaking so hard, she couldn't stand up. The volunteer that got her out and put the leash on her seemed afraid of her. I spied in her ID envelope, and hidden in there was a "danger" notice. She was too scared of everyone and really bitey. She also had a respiratory infection and slight gum disease. Not a saver. They didn't even invest in shots or microchipping or spaying before I got there, and she had been there for three weeks.

When I had the introductory session with her, she came right over to me and leaned up against me and nuzzled my hand until I pet her head and her neck. When she stopped shaking and let me pet her neck, I knew she was the one. They came and took her away from me, and I started to cry, until Doc came and explained that she needed vet attention, and we could pick her up the next day. Leaving her was a very hard thing. I told her I would be back. She started shaking again as soon as I got up to walk away. The next 24 hours and the Uber ride out there the next day were very slow.

But I got her. And I brought her home. And within a week, she knew her name, basic commands, how to be friends with the cats, which bowl was hers, how to tell me she wanted out, and how to be a good sister to Chewbacca. And she simply adores Doc. She is afraid of him, but doesn't shake with him anymore, and will go over to him any time he calls. It's rough for him because he is the disciplinarian. But she gets over punishment really fast. The only bad thing she does is get into the recycling. She only pulls one thing out, but she still needs to not do that. I'm thinking of getting a child safety latch for the cabinet to solve the problem without further traumatizing her.

She's smart as all get out. I still don't know her native language, but I've taken to humming to her, which she takes as love, and that was the only reason that I wanted to know her native language, so I could tell her I love her in familiar words. Now I know I can just hum to her while I pet her and cuddle with her. She learns every command immediately. She never has accidents in the house. She's a bit growly, but not in a mean way. She just communicates that way. You can tell what she means by the volume of her growl.

The other night, when I was cutting my arm, she was sitting behind me on the couch with her paw on my shoulder, watching me and the computer screen. When I put the knife to my arm, she growled, kind of loudly. I told her to shush and cut. Next time, growl, whine, shush. Next time, Rose leaps up over my shoulder and knocks the knife out of my hand onto the floor. Good fucking dog. When I did damage a couple of days later, I had to put her out first. I promised Doc I wouldn't put her out again like that. I will let her protect me. That's one of the reasons we got her, to fill in the care deficits that Chewbacca showed after training.

So, that's RoseTyler-dog. My sweet, sweet Princess. She has a pink leather studded collar. It goes with Chewbacca's blue studded collar. I know, stereotype colors, I just wanted to make it easy for strangers to identify them. I'm getting her a "witchy" tutu for Halloween and general cosplay wear around the house. I have to find something simple for Chewy. Male dog costumes are so much more complicated than girl dogs. I could just put his vest on him and make him a Leather Dog. A little Bear. I could get him a bear hat to make it complete.