August 20th, 2016

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Shit. Damn. fuck, and Piss.

ARGHHHH!! I am getting old. I have to admit it. I can still master my metabolism, my eyes aren't completely shot, and I don't have ANY wrinkles. But if I sit with my legs curled up, "indian style," the pain I suffer when I straighten my knee out is unspeakable. I mean, I almost scream every damn time. This is a problem because, though I have two work tables, a dining room table, and a desk, I sit on the floor all the time. Usually in front of the coffee table or my work board, which necessitates me needing to sit "indian style." Grrr. And Rarr.

I've been tweaking the looks of and Check them out when you get a moment, and let me know what you think. I'm interested to see if I went overboard with any of the new design elements that I discovered with this new program. Today I am constructing CSS tables. I hear they are far superior to HTML tables and you can do infinite things with them. I'm all about that.

I've come to realize that I don't really want much in life, in the way of material things. It's just that what little I do want, I want NOW. And what little I do want is very specific. I want a canvas roll up bag for the gel pens I am getting because I don't like the plastic case they come in and my paintbrushes and colored pencils are all stored in roll up canvas pouches. Continuity. All other pens and pencils must be kept in llidless, stackable baskets. Crayons go in a shallow drawer of a plastic storage thing I have. Everything has to be just right. From my art supplies, to my clothes, to my food.

My shopping lists include brands and sizes of packages of items. I will only eat a certain brand of store cheese. I am less picky about bread. Just make it wheat, butter top if possible. Only one kind of boxed, and frozen mac and cheese.

One specific kind of eyeliner. I only wear it once a week, and it is the only make-up that I own. But I had to have a specific one, and I had to have it right when the idea occurred to me.
2013, cyd, new

Some great news!

Yes, Doc and I are going to try to buy the house next door. He was on the fence about it because it is so big and there's just the two of us. It has rooms for each of us, a lounge and studio for me, a garage and workroom for him . . . and then two extra bathrooms and four extra bedrooms. Plus a formal dining room, gourmet kitchen, huge sunken family room, formal living room, and pool. So, what to do with the extra bedrooms? Neither of us can stomach the thought of a full time room mate, not with the animals and our weird "old couple" habits.

Then, Doc got an idea. Recreational legalization of weed is on the ballot in November, and will probably pass. The industry is ready and pushing for it after Colorado's success. This is one of the few states where the "big guys" admit that Colorado was a success. So . . . if the legislation passes . . . we buy the huge, gorgeous dream home cheap, and Air BnB the other rooms on the weekends. We're only a 20 minute drive from the Strip in traffic, less at night and in the morning. Right on the bus line, if you want to do that.

I can cook. The house is big enough and sectioned off enough that we don't even have to see visitors. And I get my house. A house like no other. An architect moved in there right after it was built, and built a bunch of stuff on top and around it. So, outside, it looks like a conventional McMansion/McHouse. On this inside, it is a deeply carpeted and tiled and wooded and twisty and turny and rooms are hidden behind mirrored walls. Oh, it is amazing.

The studio is part of the garage. Kind of on the side and partly above. So it looks over the street. It also has a huge picture window on the side of the house that has a tiny balcony just good for looks, and a view of my tree, Tony. I haven't seen it, but I hear it is a big, spacious room, it was the Architect's main office. There is a huge a/c unit just for that room. The house has four a/c units in all. Three have been replaced in the last two years.

Doc's "kid sis" took him to Akropolis for lunch. I hear it's the best Greek food on this side of town. I found a menu online, and for the prices, they had better be good. I don't like paying entree prices for my apps. And I'm only getting apps because their entrees are $35. And they don't serve lamb. What kind of mediterranean restaurant doesn't serve lamb? So I'm going for a variety of vegetarian apps. Hummus, Taziki, Spanikopita, Triopita, Dolmas. Doc and I had a debate over the hummus. He contends it has been too long since I tasted fresh hummus that I won't know the taste anymore. And I will like the hummus and think it is worth it if it is just good. No. I know my hummus. And there is a thing that the tahini and the garlic do right after mixing that doesn't last or happen again. I know that taste. I have been dying for that taste for so long, and eating this crap packaged hummus. I have to get down to Maryland and get a half gallon of tahini so I can stop this foolishness and make my own. I also need to pick up real olive oil while I'm at the market. I have had more than enough of this false flavored safflower oil that they pass off as American branded olive oil.

See, because when Doc goes out to eat, he takes the money that he saves by getting a free meal and spends it on take away for me. That will be nice, because this week's budget Mexican Feast was cleaning out the fridge and adding chili powder to everything and packets of Del Taco and Taco Bell mild sauce. So, yeah, some fresh food, freshly prepared, vegetarian . . . that should be good.

Don't get the impression that I prefer vegetarian food over meated food. I actually despise most vegetables and fruits. There are a few exceptions, if they are prepared right. Like spinach. I love me some fresh spinach. And beans. I love beans. Black beans, lentils, garbanzo beans, pinto beans . . . in most forms. Smoosh them up and mix them with spices and cook them somehow, and I am all over them. But some cultures use vegetables and beans better than they do meat, in my opinion. Mediterranean lamb is dreamy, pork beef and chicken, not so much. Same with Indian food. They do better things with vegetables than they do with meat. I mean, meat is just stewed, once you find a sauce you like, curry, sagwala, whatever, it really doesn't matter what meat is in it. The veggies matter, though. And the spices. I just got a new packet of curry powder. Dreamy. I have to order some garahm marsala (I think that is the spelling, I've only ever heard British people and Indians say it), so I can make a proper curry. I used to have a British friend who kept all the makings for currys in a big pantry, and every day after school, we would go to her house, get stoned, eat "cerals," and she would teach me a new curry recipe, her dad insisted on curry and lager every night. So every day we got baked and made a big pan of curry.

Some days, when he was late getting home, we would each have a lager, take a big bowl of steaming curry and plate of nan down to the rec room, and blast Adam Ant and the Exploited and play darts while we drank and danced (yes, it is a stereotype, but the rec room was made up to be a pub). Great times. Until she told me she "liked" me. She was not the first strong, butch girl that this happened with. I was never attracted to any of them in "that" way, I like femme girls. I like the tomboys as compatriots, companions. That is something I always appreciated about Kelli, she was straight, so it was never an issue. Then the curry stopped, and I soon moved to a different high school. And by the time I caught up with her younger brother, she was with kids, divorced and living in a double wide. I didn't go see her.

Wow, where did that come from? I'm just having some grape leaves and hummus, for Christ's sake.