August 11th, 2016

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My tweets

  • Wed, 19:04: Don't blame crazy for Trump. He's just a racist, bully dick. A dime a dozen. He's not special. He is just richer than his followers.
  • Wed, 19:05: RT @Go2Slp: How to sports: - Take a ball - Put it someplace someone else doesn't want you to put it - Congratulations you've now sportsed
  • Wed, 19:13: Anyone who has ever truly been bullied or conned, sees and knows @realDonaldTrump for what he is, and it's nothing spectacular or mysterious
  • Wed, 19:16: The outbursts of @realDonaldTrump are so obviously emotionally retarded,not unbalanced.Crazy people have creativity that he completely lacks
  • Wed, 19:22: Have you even read @HillaryClinton's economic plan? Sure, idealistic, what candidate's isn't, but wow, some of the ideas. I am so with her.
  • Wed, 19:28: You know, #JulianAssange used to be cool, now he's just an ordinary sell-out. Pick an exotic country to fuck up that you can really change.