June 16th, 2016

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So cool!

Doc gave me his old pbone a while ago. I started playing with it today. It has wifi connectivity, so I can use it for Instagram and here! A whole other camera! I can make videos with both at once and edit them together. I'm so excited!

2013, cyd, new

HA !

When I use music in my videos, as I did today, I use music aquired from freeplaymusic.com. I "sign" (and adhere to), an agreement that it be used exclusively on youtube, without monetization of my work. Well and good.

I have a carefully, hand selected collection of instrumental punk music from freeplay, that I use for every video I use music for. I am very careful about copyrights, as an artist.

Today was no different.

But a couple of hours after it went live, I got a series of emails, one for each song in the background of the feast video. Each telling me the owner of the content had filed copyright violation claims against me.

Did I have a case to dispute the charges, or would I take the offending video down before they were forced to remove my account from good standing, thereby freezing my account?

Fuck yeah, I have a case! If I can get into my mail on my webhost, I have proof that I obtained the rights to those songs fairly. So I disputed all three charges.

This is an example of what is ripping my sanity apart, and making me paranoid. I just announced that I am going to rely on youtube and Instagram. And my account is threatened with closure over bogus charges. AND, no one had yet viewed it when this went down, so how did the songwriter even know? I don't understand any of this, and I'm feeling a tad bit persecuted.

2013, cyd, new

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