May 8th, 2016

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Dear Diary, Just Breathe

Dear Diary.

painting_aIt is noon. I have edited 50 photos; listed 30 items (more time consuming than it sounds just written here); made temporary logos I said I wouldn’t make for the PRH shop at Etsy; made alcohol paints in three colors; made alcohol paint dyed paper for the smash books; dyed the covers of the smash books; spray painted the covers of the CD tins; run out of spray paint; labeled and bagged 20 items of jewelry; turned the coffee pot back on three times; reheated my coffee five times; let four cigarettes burn out; and cleaned the kitchen. I started at 3am.

I am taking a break. Oh, I also took time out to plug the shop on FB and Instagram and wish moms everywhere a happy Mother’s Day on FB. I feel like I could sleep for a year. But I need to cut down the papers I made for the smash books and punch holes in them and get them into the books. I also printed out some graph paper that I have to cut down. And I would like to do at least one CD tin today. And maybe cut out the lining fabric. Now that they are painted, assembly will be a logo_smbreeze. I can just sit and art them while I watch TV. I’ll make/gather some clay pieces to glue to them.

I have to find more art to sell. I have a collection of small collages, and another collage I have in mind to list. They are not on display, I may as well try to get them to a person who will appreciate them. I’d like to sell a couple of other pieces, but they are really heavy and would be really expensive to ship. Another one needs to be carefully mounted to something because it was built on a mirror that shattered. By the grace of a genrous layer of mod podge and glitter spray, it is still together, but really needs to be mounted to something sturdy. After that, I may display it, bowl_a1myself. I really liked that piece.

I thought this morning was Monday, and texted Kel at 5am. *am her time, but still, she was asleep. I have to text her an apology before she threatens to cut me. We’re on the hunt for containers to “plant” the sticks in for me to art on. I don’t want plant pots, that was fine for Groot, the one I’m keeping, but for the ones I hope to show,  I want a more cohesive display. I don’t want coffee cans or anything as pedestrian as that. If I spend days arting on a stick, I don’t want to stick it into some plain container that says nothing. And cylinders are so yesterday. So I’ve asked Kelli, and I will ask all of you, to look around at thrift stores and flea markets and see what you see. Four foot tall stick, with decoration applied, planted in plaster to hold it up. Container must be able to be made leak proof for plaster to dry. Must be sturdy enough not to let arted cd_bowl_lg_2stick fall over.

This morning, I came up with record bowls. Would work for a shorter stick, 3′ or under, not a lot of spread. Have to plug up the hole, no problem. So I have one stick that will go into a record bowl. If I can, I will try to find one that is colored vinyl for it, that would be great.

But I’m trying to think of things that are alternate shapes, like cubes. Ammo boxes are nice, but I’ve only seen rectangular ones. I’m thinking utilitarian. The sticks I’m working on right now, one is a holy/blasphemous pop-art piece; and the other is just in the beginning phase, I am silver leafing a particularly twisted stick, something about elegance and sickness . . . so those are the containers that I am looking for first. I am open to suggestions.

Maybe for Pop Lizard Trinity, I could get a green gallon wine bottle and get Doc to cut the top of it off for me. I have bead_bowl_b1instructions for the technique, I just don’t dare do it myself. That would be perfect for a holy piece. The silver leaf piece is a bit harder. An enameled bedpan would be good, but I would have a hard time even finding a stainless steel one these days. I wonder if there is a place I could get little tiny wheelchairs or walkers to go with that stick. Or maybe biohazard stickers/tape and pearls. I have the pearls. The biohazard stuff should be easy enough to get online.

I have like five projects that are waiting for supplies that I can’t justify the cost of right now. I wonder, if I outline them on Patreon (for when I start getting traffic to Patreon), with the materials and cost, and maybe an explanation of my artistic intent, I could get specific pledges via paypal, that I could then set aside, for those projects. Then, give special rewards to the pledging patrons. Like a piece of the exhibit in one case, or an 8″ x 10″ signed glossy of another piece and letter of explanation of the piece. Ana Voog gave me the idea. She went above and ear_kbeyond the Patreon subscription process to get funds for a video. I thought this was genius, and far more efficient and easier to understand than Patreon’s goal setting procedure. Speaking of which, I need to make an open Patreon post. They say to make an open post at least once a week. I do. It hasn’t changed anything. I’m being ignored by the same number of people. It hasn’t gone up or down.

Enough of a break. I have to make that post, and work out my Tumblr issue. I figured out the problem, now I have to figure out which blog I am going to merge into which and which I am going to delete, because I don’t like having them both out there. Then it’s back to work. I’d like to get the smash books up on Etsy today. I’m eager to see what, if any interest there is in them.

Enjoy the pictures. They are of some of the stuff I added to the shop today, plus the dreaded temporary logo for said shop. It’s nothing like I want. Nothing like it will be. But it will do for now. It says, “punk rock”, and that is all it needs to say.