March 7th, 2016

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Dear Diary, Day Four into Five

Dear Diary,

I’m halfway there. I’ve run out of raw sugar, but I have 10 pounds of brown sugar, so if I want coffee, I can have it. Today I had a Slim Fast bar and a pack of Rolos and two cookies for my calories today. I know, dear Diary, bad Cyd. But I’ve eaten real meals for a month now. I had a sweet.

Lilliane helped me calm down the dog when he figured out Doc wasn’t coming home soon and flipped the fuck out. He whined for an hour. And like I mentioned, he doesn’t whine anymore, he meows. So it gets the cats started because they don’t meow at each other but they meow at other creatures. So they were all running around and meowing and hissing and growling and pouncing and Chewbacca with the noise . . . and then Lilliane called. At her suggestion, I got one of his blankets, he was shaking really hard, and bunched it up next to me. He sat on it and let me pet and comfort him. Then he licked my newest burn for about three minutes and decided to go outside. When he came in, I put my pillow down so he could sleep on it. Yes, my brand new pillow now smells like small brown wookie, and I only have myself to blame because he looks so damn cute nestled into it. One corner smells like cat, because Felix sleeps curled next to me with his head on my pillow, and drools, so ,cat-breath corner.

dear diaryI want bagels. I wonder if Doc would bring me home some bagels from back east. That would be so cool. What else can I have him pick up while he is there? Mallow cups. Mallow cups and fresh bagels. We used to make my nana bring out sourdough and Gallo white wine dry salami. Oh! New York extra-sharp white cheddar cheese! That would go really well with the salami we have (though it isn’t Gallo) on the bagels. I could have one of those sandwiches for days and days to get my calories. Yes, bring me what I REALLY want, groceries!

He told me he found a sub shop here called “Grinders”, the name of my favorite sandwich. Typically an italian hoagie with salami, cappicola, and regular ham, lettuce, tomato, onion, then opened up, covered with shredded pizza cheese and put in the pizza oven for a few minutes. NOM. Without the lettuce, for me, I don’t like hot lettuce. But the very name of the shop is a contradiction of western and eastern terms that confuses me and makes me doubt. Yes, grinder is an eastern word for a delicious sandwich, but “sub shop?” – sub is shot for submarine. A long sandwich on a roll is called a hoagie. It comes from the east, and that is what they call it, and that is what it is. Not a sub. So, I am dubious of this place. But I guess Doc can’t bring me back a grinder from Pepper Mill, so I will try this “sub” shop.

Have I mentioned lately that I hate making logos? Fucking hate it. I suck at concise and visually symbolic in a clear way. I’m more of the visually symbolic in the obscure, you have to stare at it and think about it and come back to it and see if you really saw what you think you saw. Not a good logo designing strategy, or good strength to have. I think I’m going to break down and do one of those $5 things and see what I get. You pay someone $5 to complete a simple task. There are people who find logo design simple, so they charge $5 for a logo. I need tags, labels, notes, and letterhead for invoices for the store, I NEED a logo. I asked Kelli to do the logos for Media and Fabulous Disaster, but not the shop. I figured, text over skull, how hard can it be? HARD. Nothing I do looks right or is proportionate. I have no sense of perspective. Frankly, it has made this new web site deign hard to do, and full of mistakes and bulky graphics that slow it down and all need to be redone. Blech. It will take a day or two to do.

I also want to post a download of my preferred font, so non-Chrome users can install it and see it the way it was intended. I’ve seen it on the phone, I hate it with generic text. It loses all if its impact. Again I lament there is not one standard that is open sourced and built from. Open up Chrome and make it the standard.

I went to bed at 11pm . . . dead tired and ready for a good 6 hours sleep. I turned off the bright light, and turned down the TV. I snuggled up with my microwookie under the blankets and my binki. I drifted off to sleep rather quickly, and did not dream, that I remember. I awoke completely refreshed and ready to start a new day . . . at midnight. And I have been up ever since. There is nothing fair about that. I’m tired now, but I have this long list I’ve been making of stuff to do that I can’t put off any longer.

And Boo is stalking my lap. She is disturbing my calm. Ahhh, there she goes, into the window. She’ll stay there for an hour or so.

The news is showing video of the wind beating up the NASCAR drivers this afternoon. It only lasted for a little while, but it disturbed some fast drivers for a little while. They postponed the race, and then had to slow down in the middle of it when a dust storm blew in. All in all, it was a good weekend for it. It’s become a big deal here. I’m not at all into NASCAR, I’m just into tourist events that bring hundreds of thousands of people into town. The UFC fight was this weekend, too, but those happen here pretty frequently. And with all the girls beating each other the first time they face each other, there is no heroine to get behind for more than a couple of months. First Rhonda, then Holly, now, whoever bitch slapped Holly’s ass this weekend. Very unpredictable, no odds-on favorites. Just a steady stream of new names and boobs in sports bras.

The Link: I’m lazy, and gearing up to go to work, so the link is whatever I was reading before I got bored and decided to make this post. All Hail FaceBook!