February 15th, 2016

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A Bit of a Catch-Up

Dear Diary,

I keep making posts and not finishing them. I need to stop that because I don’t know what I’ve told you and what I haven’t. It’s all in writing, just not posted. It will be, eventually, just out of order. Maybe the database keeps the original dates, I’m not sure. Anyway . . .

I think we are going to buy a new TV. If we can get credit at the “we don’t deny anyone credit” store, we’re going to order a cheap, smallish (Doc is looking at the 32″, I’m looking at the 44″) flat screen TV. Time to step into the new century. If we can’t get credit, we’ll just wait a few weeks and pay cash. If we can get credit, we’ll pay it off in a month. The off-brands aren’t very expensive at all. I looked it up, Doc saw the page and was receptive. So, another real, adult purchase. Then, this week, we are finally ordering the chainsaw-on-a-stick, since it’s warming up and we need to trim the trees before they bloom. That’s another adult purchase. God, this is getting sad. If we get dishes that match, I’m going to cry.

I found these wonderful fingerless gloves online last night. They had straps/buckles all the way up the lower arm. Delicious. Only $15. They don’t ship to the US. I told Doc I was going to write them and ask if I could make special arrangements to have them shipped to me, and he had nothing nice to say. He ended with, “They look like something that will just draw attention to you and intimidate people.” I asked him if he had ever met me. Then I lectured him for trying to shame me. I mentioned he had done it before, make disparaging remarks about my clothes when I felt I was comfortable and appropriate for the private thing I was going to do (visit my dead sister’s tree). No. I will not tolerate that. He just shaved off most of my long hair, I don’t want to hear how I’m too punk looking when I go outside. He seemed to understand. I didn’t get mad or snarky, I just told him straight up that I was going to dress the way I wanted to and that was that. Then I reminded him of the decade of his neon orange shorts. That he wore in public. Problem solved.

I nearly killed Boo, my precious cat that came to me when Evie left me. I thought she was losing weight because she was no longer cooped up in a cage and getting more exercise. When we rescued her, they warned that she had “mild” dental issues. We’re getting her taken care of in May. I didn’t realize it was worse than that. She can’t chew hard food. When she dared to lick the cottage cheese from Chewbacca’s kibble, I knew there might be a problem. So I watched her for a couple of days, while giving her cream (she can handle it, she was apparently raised on it). I noticed she wasn’t eating. She was sitting up by the bowl all day, but not really eating. I had one can of cat food left, so I opened it and put her up on the counter and sat with her and soothed her while she wolfed it down. Then I gave her some baby food. The next day, Doc gave them a smaller food, and she ate some and I started giving her nutrient paste. Doc bought her a supply of cans of food and again, she ate heartily again last night. She had the last of the cream this morning. At least I caught it in time. Before the evil fatty liver disease that killed my Hank and Chloe set in and she stopped eating at all. I’m not going to lose her. I can’t. Not so soon after Evie, and her replacing Evie. Because she did.

Boo is a whole different cat from Evie. Evie was the Empress around here. Boo is very timid and lowest in the pack right now. But the love for me and the attention they both give/gave me is the same intense love of being rescued. The biggest difference with Boo is that she is taking time to warm up to Doc, and Evie was right on him.

Chewbacca is scootched up against my right leg, which is straight out on the coffee table, Boo scootched up on the left leg, apparently drooling in her sleep. Major is over my left shoulder on the back of the couch, Felix over my right, also on the back of the couch. We’re just missing Simon and Major, who are probably in my room wondering why I moved the furniture (to get the TV out).

I’ve been doing a lot of art. Many projects are finishing up. Next week will be a flurry of Patreon posts, open and closed. And I’m almost close enough to having enough different stock to open the Punk Rock Handicrafts Shop. I get to buy art supplies tonight. But they are for the store, so I’m not asking Patrons to fund them. I’m spending my own money that I saved by not joining Amazon Prime. I gave Doc half of it for groceries, I need TP and lighters. The rest is going to a kit of clay for Mokume Gane pendants. I’m also going to get three colors not in the kit because they match these fabulous wooden beads I bought on sale last year from Fire Mountain Gems (see today’s link)

Does anyone have a medium to large old, ornate wooden picture frame that is kind of beat up and you don’t want to throw it away but you don’t know what to do with it? Do you want to send it to me? I’ll pay the shipping. I can even compensate you, within reason, for it. I have a project for my room that requires one, and the thrift stores have had nothing good to offer. Just small mirror frames and too large sofa-sized frames. I’m looking for around 2’x3′-ish. And the ones on Ebay are really expensive and in good shape. And I don’t want one in good shape, it needs a few knocks and dings. The thing I’m making is really cool. It involves a teddy bear and black spray paint.

Okay, that’s all for now. It’s 77 degrees outside and I want to be out there. Normally I would take the laptop out there, but it is hooked up to every peripheral device possible right now.

The Link: Fire Mountain Gems. The best in jewelry supplies, the widest specialized selections at great prices. They allow you to mix and match items to add up to wholesale prices, which is cool. I always make big orders because of this because this, so I can get the lowest possible prices. 200 items $2 and less each month or so to shop from, if you are on a budget, and they don’t just put the crap on sale, no, they put some prime stuff on sale, that’s how I got these crazy wooden beads. I think I also got some glass goddess pendants to make necklaces of. I really need to look in that box, I never even unpacked it. I was so not in the mood when I got the stuff in the mail, I just put it in the garage. Kind of like how I just had to have paints and brushes and canvases and I didn’t use them for a year and now I can’t stop using them. I’m about to go back there with the jewelry. There will be punk stuff, too, skulls and anarchy signs and such, but I want to do some nice, “designer” stuff as well. If it doesn’t sell in the shop, it will sell on Etsy, and likely for a higher price.