January 28th, 2016

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I Had Just Had It

Dear Diary,

After careful financial negotiations, I got myself a real copy of Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit for the laptops.  Then I went and gathered the drivers I would need from the 8,765 websites for the two different machines and burned them to disks, because no immediate USB support. Installed the new Windows and drivers and Chrome and everything seems to be working. I haven’t started installing my software yet, but I’ll start that in an hour or so.

And I knew that the shut off problem with Bollux was software and not hardware related. It’s been on for hours. If I do graphics-intensive stuff, it overheats after a while, sure, but the 15 minute cut off time was too precise before.

I also slept and cleaned the house. And tried to take care of Doc, who is sick, and trying not to get me sick again. It’s something he brought home from work. I’m a bit allergy-rific, but the sickness has left me. No more cold medication. No more days speeding by like I’m on coke. No more smoking a ton to try to counteract it.

I also got dressed today, like, really dressed. Boots, tights, everything. I stayed like that until I took a nap at 4. Then when I got up I put on jeans. Doc is right, it feels good to change every day into new clothes. It’s hard to remember to do that.

I slept on my wrist wrong, and I can’t decide if it is sore or weak. If it is weak, I need to put the brace on it. But if it is just sore, I need to stop whining. It was okay while I was doing dishes, but I wasn’t lifting any of the dishes with that hand. My wrist hasn’t been sore in years. I think it’s just the surprise of the sensation, because it isn’t a severe pain. I have a bizarre history with wrist pain. Some day I’ll tell the story. They used to get injured a lot.

Hmm. Gunshot. Outside, close. Sounds like someone is drunk and shooting into the air. Someone shot a stop sign with a shotgun the other night. I heard that, too. I told Doc about it, and he didn’t exactly believe me. He believed, that I believed, that I had heard a shotgun go off really close. Then the next day he saw the freshly killed stop sign. I know a gun from a backfiring car from fireworks.

Tomorrow at midnight, our cable company turns off my favorite network tv channel. I think we’re going to get Century Link/Prism. I think we figured out we can get two set-top boxes and still save money. Plus they have DVR, which Doc would really love. OnDemand is too unreliable for him. We just have to figure out if Century Link has gotten their high speed lines run through here yet. They came by last spring and said they were going to, and there has been construction since then, which the lines were probably run during. If so, deal. We’re paying $200 for cable/internet right now, and don’t have the highest speed and don’t have any pay channels. We just can’t save money by “bundling” because they don’t include BBCAmerica and SyFy in any of their bundles. Prism does. We may be able to save $100 a month, if we do this right. Stupid cable company. They’ve been a pain since we moved here and got them, but at the time they were the only game, and then it was Dish, which I didn’t want. I’ll go for fiber optics. That suits me.

Oh, wow, Doc gets off work in 15 minutes. I don’t think he’s going to the store tonight, so I think he’ll be home at 12:30 instead of 2am.

B was supposed to have a scooter to him by this weekend at the latest, before Doc had to buy another monthly bus pass. Nope. He called to borrow money, though. He keeps saying he has no parts, though he has several bikes for parts. I think he’s selling the parts off (including the ones that Doc has purchased) to pay his bills because he quit his job again. Doc said he was going to take him a bottle of whiskey, and I freaked. I said, “No more bribes, they don’t work, he just takes and takes. It’s been over a year, christmas presents, money, weed, cigarettes, booze, bike parts, more money, and nothing. Please don’t waste your whiskey on him.” Doc didn’t answer me. I try not to hate on B, I understand that Doc has to deal with him, but now I’m just convinced that he is ripping us off. Doc said his back yard was locked up and secure, which is the only reason Doc left his bike over there, and now B is saying that parts and equipment are being stolen out of his back yard. He has tools of Doc’s. Have those been “stolen”? Have any parts of Doc’s bike been “stolen”? The whole thing is sketchy to me.

Sleeping cats, sleeping dog. I have no idea where Felix is. I think he’s out. He didn’t sleep with Chewbacca and I during our nap today. And he’s not on the back of the couch. I can certainly understand him having cabin fever and staying out all day and night. It’s staying warm until early morning. Even I have been out smoking cigarettes on the patio with Vader and Bagira and Teeny. I have cabin fever, too. I miss my patio. And now that the wireless works and I can take the laptops out there and listen to music and hang out and work and do stuff . . . wow. I could live stream while I make an outdoor sculpture. Hey. There’s an idea. I like that. Streaming from outside.

I got my mini cookie cutter for my holiday tree today. Tomorrow I have to do a bit of cooking while Doc sleeps. Then, when he goes to work, I will finish setting up the computers. I’m going to set Bollux up for audio and writing and Jem up for graphics and video work. That should use their resources to the best of their hardware abilities. That should also give me some more freedom to work while Doc uses Jem to game.

I even used the Drone today. I know that no one believes me, but older versions of Internet Explorer block all Google sites. I couldn’t do anything with IE, so I was trying to get a hold of Chrome, but I couldn’t get to a google.com page from any other page in IE. Not with a direct type in of the addy, or a search link. It would come up like the computer was offline or the site was offline. Meanwhile, google was up on Doc’s phone. So, it wasn’t down. And I had other active tabs open, so it wasn’t my connection going wonky every time I hit a google link. So frustrating. I’ve fixed the problem and put Chrome’s installer on a USB stick. It was on a USB hard drive that was USB 2, and the Drone only has USB 1.