January 22nd, 2016

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Friday Update

The dog is being a spaz. He just got kicked out of a supposedly sleeping Doc’s room, went outside and ran laps around the yard, and is now chasing every cat he can find. And there are a lot of cats to find. Last night Doc was trying to get Chewbacca to come to him, and he wouldn’t. So I mouthed “Chewbacca” at him, in everything he tried, he didn’t use the dog’s full name. So he said, “Chewbacca, right here.” and Chewy came right to him. I told him that Chewy seems to like the longer version of his name more than the short one, it took him two days to respond to it. And he responds to it better, way better, than he does to “Chewy”,

I started my undercut. I did the sides. Doc agreed to it, but begged me to use a longer blade so it wasn’t just stubble under my hair. I agreed. He has to do the back when he wakes up, before he goes to work. The sides of my head feel so good without that damn hair loose and floating around and being tucked behind my ears all the time. My ears feel liberated.

I just bought a small, tin, folk heart cookie cutter. I’m going to make gingerbread cookie hearts for the tree for Valentine’s day. I guess I’ll do glittery paper shamrocks for St. Patrick’s day and I want to do something firework related for Independence day. Then I’ll change the lights and wrap the tree with Mardi Gras beads for the summer. Then pinecones stuck in it for the fall, and I’ve got the year covered. And I have many lights, so I can change them out when I get tired of the pink ones after Valentine’s Day. It was a $5 purchase, from my paypal account from some sold Happy Meal Toys, so I didn’t check with Doc first. I feel so naughty.

Animals all asleep now. BORING. I should start the vacuum, heh. Except I might wake Doc up. I managed to sneak into his room earlier to get water for the plants in the hot room, they are in bloom, I have to keep them very hydrated and some of them aren’t in coco, but just hydroeten, so they don’t hold water, I have to water them often. No droopies!

I also snuck in and got the clippers and blade attachments. The dog acted as subterfuge, which I didn’t realize until I left the room. By now, he may have seen the carnage. I left the hair in my sink. It looks like some kind of freaky angora cat, curled up in the sink. He went in to use the breathing machine, so if his eyes were at all focused, he would have thought that Simon was in the sink.

So . . . a shirt I bought at Walmart 3 years ago when I moved in here and was skinny, fits me again. My belly barely sticks out. I’m losing weight so quickly now that the Seroquel is out of my system. It’s obvious in my face, I may start taking selfies again. Which, strangely, reminds me that I need to do laundry.

I was eating crackers and cheese yesterday and broke a molar. Like, broke it off. But it is still attached to the root, so it won’t come out. It was really painful yesterday, but not today. It is kind of laying sideways. I have a problem with it in that it is on my “chewing” side. So eating to take my meds (Doc got samples from the Doctor yesterday) has been a challenge. I’m just waiting for the damn thing to fall out so I can eat again. I want a home made turkey hoagie. Turkey breast, American cheese (the only time I eat it unmelted), mayo, Italian dressing, alfalfa sprouts, lettuce, red onion, oregano, crusty roll. Usually eaten with chips, but I can forgo that. I may even be able to eat that on my non-chewing side. I managed to eat 350 calories worth of pot stickers last night on that side. This is worth thinking about because it means waking Doc up early and talking him into going to the store.

I’m going to go look at the ad.

Have a great day. I’m sorry if you are in the East. I wish you my sunshine and mild temps.

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I Didn't Even Need a Shot of Vodka

Alternately Titled: “Adventures in Home-Dentistry”

I played with the now-pain-free tooth until it was almost out. When Doc woke up, I asked him, “Do you want to pull a tooth out?” Which confused him, because he had just woken up and didn’t remember my broken tooth. He thought I might be talking about one of his teeth. Poor Doc. I’m too vague, I cause him unneeded stress.

So, when he woke up some, and could see, and I had explained what I meant, he got the medical forceps we have and sterilized them, then called me into the kitchen. I told him it would hurt a little and grabbed a paper towel for drool or blood. He got a hold of it right away and pulled it right out as soon as he figured out the point of resistance. No blood, very little pain. He was amazed the root was still attached, like I said it would be. Why he doesn’t believe me is beyond me sometimes.

So, the bad tooth is out. This is the second time that Doc has come to my dental rescue. I took some Ibuprofen and should be able to eat in about an hour, which is good, it’s been a week (aside from last night’s pot stickers) since I ate something substantial. And I have my meds, so I need to eat. I checked out the soup that Doc got me, but it’s “light”. So, I’d have to eat three cans of it, or add a half a cup of cream, a half a cup of cheese and a half a cup of bacon. That seems a little too much effort, and I can’t chew the bacon. It’s potato soup. Not even potato leek soup. I have a bunch of potatoes, maybe I’ll make a big batch of potato leek soup and freeze it. Make it with butter and cream and fresh leeks.

Oh! The wicked tooth is gone!