January 8th, 2016

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A Couple of Personal Photos

IMG_0001aDoc came home, got really mad at me over something I didn’t do, and went to bed. So, I stayed up for nothing more than to let him in and empty his backpack. I tried to show him the pages I made today, but he rolled his eyes, so I quit. Then he got mad that his eye roll stopped me. Oh whatever. I don’t have time for this shit.

Tomorrow, or later today, once the sun comes up, I need to take photos for the shop. I’m ready to. I thought it would be a few more weeks. But I’m not holding out for the equipment I was waiting for, I’m going to use the Canon Peowershot. And a tripod. I don’t want to use the flash if I don’t have to. I can adjust the light by hand in Photoshop after, if I have to. As long as the camera gets the information, it doesn’t matter if I can see it well on the LCD screen.

So, the Support page is done and up. I kept it simple. And I put a new page in the Member area that will fill more slowly than the rest, but it’s there.IMG_0002a

I got up and did the dishes. Late start to my night, but a start. I raced the coffee maker. It beat me by a drip. I need to vacuum, but he’s asleep. It probably wouldn’t wake him up, but on the off chance that it would, I wouldn’t dare do it.

Content for the site . . . a black and white, high contrast study of random pictures? Or more Photoshop shenanigans? I am undecided. Both will challenge me. Either would be fun, that’s why I can’t decide. I’ll look for pictures I haven’t used a hundred times. It’s time to go out and take more pictures. The seasons have changed, and I’d like to get a shoot of Las Vegas not looking lush and green. I’ll take Chewbacca for a long walk this weekend and get some photos.

IMG_0003aYes, what IS Teeny doing deep inside of my laundry basket? We may never know. I almost covered her. The room was dark and I had an armful of clothes, and went to dump them in and at the last second heard a questioning, “Mew?” So I stopped, turned on the light and ran for the camera. She’s never been in there before. That was a completely new thing. You will also notice a picture of Felix trying to smother me in our sleep. And Chewy’s hideout now that it is cold. I told you he builds a fort out of my comforter and pillow. He’s even got my binki with him. Then, there is the picture of Jem, with flaw-hiding stickers. The spider webs are foam. So are the spiders. Though they look more like ticks.

I have to admit I have been leaving cable news on lately in the background. Not so much since Jem got here, because I can put my music flash drive in him and plug in while I work. But in return, I’ve almost stopped reading social media altogether. I just don’t have the patience for Facebook or Twitter. I have nothing quippy to say on Twitter, and I say what I need to on Facebook. And I’m not scrolling through them at all. I don’t know what my deal is. When I’m on the computer, I want to be busy. Not just sitting here, gazing inward.IMG_0004a

Those waiting on Xmas gifts, I haven’t forgotten. I have postage money now. So they will go out this week. I have them, sitting here, waiting. It’s sad. I made it in time for Knut. Though Knut isn’t usually used to exchange gifts. I’m sorry to those who are waiting and may think I have forgotten about them. No, indeed. Necessities overruled postage. I run into that problem every year. Next year, I am going to start saving postage money and stashing it in paypal early on in the season.

I have things to do now. So many things. I have issues deciding what to do. Should I art? Should I try working further on the site? Should I go to sleep? No, no sleep. I’m way too awake and I have slept enough today. Doc is mad that I sleep in bursts and then am not up for many hours at a time. He doesn’t realize I usually lay down to go to sleep because I can’t stand being with him anymore. If he knew that, he might look at it differently. Or not, who the fuck knows with him? Everything I do makes him mad. Or exasperated, and he loves heavy sighs and eye rolling. He’s a fucking teen-ager. Something he accuses me of all the time. I don’t tell him to shut up, I don’t call him vulgar names. That’s all him. I’m so glad he’s asleep. I’m going to take advantage of it to be awake and do some stuff.