January 5th, 2016

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Though the Day's not yet Over

Yeah, sure, I’ll be able to get used to this keyboard. Fuck that. I’m getting Jem a keyboard next month when I get him a trackball. His mini-keyboard sucks. I have Bollux’s hooked up right now. Bollux is scanning all of my removable drives. I can’t seem to access anything on Coco. Not directly, or through the network. All permissions seem to be set right, all the security tabs say what they should. I just can’t access the work, and I’m starting to panic. I don’t know if my backup of Coco is up to date. I just remembered I have one.

HA! Got what I need. I’m trying to upload PDF files of my published and nearly-published work for download in the Member area. Yeah, I’m reaching for the downloads section. But no, it’s perfect. I have a lot of stuff that isn’t in print anymore that was never looked at. If it gets a look this way, excellent.

This site fulfills a dream that started in 1995, when I got my first “very own” computer and started messing with the online thing. I talked to a friend in the field and asked if I would be able to do such and such and this and that and with this incarnation of the site, I have done that. I can present it all. And do it with class (as much as I can muster) and style (something I’m oozing with). No one, except that now-absent person, knows how much this means to me, that I can do this now. That I learned how to do it all myself. I taught myself everything I needed to know and acquired everything I needed to acquire. A lot of people helped me on and off along the 21 year trip, and they are cool. A lot of people are still helping me, and they are cool, too.

I can see it is going to take Bollux about 8 weeks to finish this virus scan, I have a lot of removable drives I wanted scanned, not just the one that is acting up. Scan be damned, I need to go back to work before Doc gets home and god knows what happens then. Will he be tired? Wired? Want to play on Jem? What will tonight bring? All I know is, about three more hours of work. And after I finish the member area, I have to go over to Patreon and change the tier reward descriptions and I’m sure some images and post there and ACK! One thing at a time. Secure the PDF files and get them uploaded, graphicked, described and linked to the member area. Once that is done, I will figure out if I have the BS self-promotional crap energy to do the Patreon thing. I hate selling myself.