January 2nd, 2016

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Is New Year's Day Over, Then?

I got the Member Area registration/profile/login page done. Complete with explanation of how to become a member. Now I have to go change my Patreon Levels, and get some fucking content into the Member Area. I’m thinking a download section with backgrounds of digital art and some special photographs. Then the section with the “photoshoot” from the now-defunct realwomyn.com. Adult themes, but nothing graphic. I’ve always wanted to show them, this is an opportunity. And that is where I run out of ideas. I suppose I could do special readings and videos for the section. And maybe special photo-sets. There will definitely be an area to debut new art before it goes public, where I can post more pictures of it than I can in a Patreon post. I think the two sites can work well together.

I also need to make a Support page. With the Patreon link, of course, but with other stuff like amazon.com wishlists, and my ebay sales, and whatever I have going that could make me money. I have no books published right now, or CDs.

Then there’s the shop. Punk Rock Handicrafts. I haven’t forgotten about that or lost interest. It’s just the last priority right now because I am waiting for equipment to take pictures of the inventory. Sand paper, I am waiting for sand paper. I need to sand my chair before I can paint it to use it as a really cool backdrop for the products. So, maybe I’ll ask Doc to get me some sandpaper this weekend. And he just asked me what I needed when he was out later today. What a sweetheart. And he can’t even see me writing this, he’s in the kitchen. So, I’ll brave the cold and sand and paint the chair so I can just take pictures, I’ll re-take them when the new equipment comes in, if I don’t like the results. That way I can at least attach inventory numbers to product pictures and keeping visual track of what I have and what I need to finish. Then I can price everything. I have all my material receipts. All four of them. Most of what I’m starting with is upcycled and didn’t cost me much to make, so I can make some money for my time that I lost on my jewelry.

So, that’s the state of the site. I’m horribly motivated, so it shouldn’t be long until every section has something wonderful in it.

My traffic tracker is again not tracking all my traffic. I knew it was pretty unlikely I was getting no visits per day. Today, before I got the Member Area set up with the Patreon information, I accidentally had left the registration form to come up on pages (ugh!), and someone registered. I have to email her tomorrow and explain my mistake.

New Year’s Resolutions? Be gentler with Doc and kinder to him. Treat him with the respect he deserves, and the basic humanity. Finish my site. Get back to creating regularly on Patreon. Be gentler with myself, specifically, no more self-imposed timelines. They set me up for failure and I never fail to make myself physically ill over them. I’m going to try to cut that out and see if my productivity gets more consistent. So, more spur of the moment things.

That’s one reason I’m collecting member addresses. Patreon doesn’t capture it from the lowest tier, and I want to be able to send things to people spontaneously when I have postage money available. I’m thinking ahead to make this year as easy for everyone as possible.

I’m looking forward to this year a lot. I know it’s going to be hard. Financially, we should be okay. Emotionally, it will be rough. It’s hard to know when death is coming. It’s hard to see the cloud of uncertainty on the horizon. But as I’ve said before, I’m going to keep my head down, heart open and mind on my own thing. We will get through this year. As we have gotten through all the others.