December 22nd, 2015

2013, cyd, new

I'm Going to try a Couple of Things Here.

We’ll see how long I want to fight Bollux. I really don’t know why he keeps shutting down. But I have some Photoshop work to do. So let’s see how that goes. Opening one image at a time. Only using one filter set. unfortunately I need to use the flat screen. I can’t work on the little screen anymore. The flat screen ruined me.

If this works, there will be various improvements to the site today. Little details. Let me know, as always, if you notice any problems.

Oh, and if you aren’t commenting because you don’t want to put your email into the form, use something at zenweb dot net. I have countless aliases, that I doubt you will step on. That way I’ll get any spam as a result of signing up here, though I haven’t had/heard of any yet,