December 17th, 2015

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I'm not Even Dealing with my Laptop Right Now.

And on the 16th day, there was another system restore. Doc went a bit too far with the startup settings and broke the laptop. So I tried various system restore points, to no avail, and eventually did a system wipe and factory refresh. Again, late on deadlines. 24 hours now. Damn damn damn.

I’ll get to it in an hour, once I have calmed down. I messed with it, sober, for 5 hours while Doc slept. I’m ready for a stiff drink. I have vodka and cranberry juice. Doc has said I may have a couple of cocktails. Something to think about as the sober night drags on. Yes, I am out of green medicine. I’m not all that bothered by it, the Latuda is working really well, but I am aware of it, acutely.

I’ll be able to get the laptop cleaned off and the software replaced. I don’t have to worry about installing Premier anymore, I accidentally forgot to back up the three 8 minute videos. They all needed a lot of visual and audio help that I don’t know if I could do, so I’m not really bummed about that. I also lost some really awful red-tinted pictures of banana bread that I’m, again, not sure I could have fixed.

Tomorrow I start the baking and candy making, finally. I’m not sick anymore. I’m definitely not contagious anymore. Everyone will get them in time for Knut, the day that the Christmas ornaments come down and the goodies and treats left over from the holidays are all finished up with spiced mulled wine or cider for the kids. Biscuits, and buns, and tarts and cakes and candies and all manner of treats, all consumed together, as a family, in one last feast of joy of the holidays as they take down the decorations. What a lot of fun. I’m definitely clinging to my Swedish 1/4. My German 3/4 terrifies me. They came up with Krampus. Like being a child isn’t terrifying enough. Santa sneaking in and leaving random toys, some elf sneaking around watching and reporting back, dark Christmas specials (except Charlie Brown, that one is uplifting all the way through), what a terrifying time to be a child, with everyone watching you. Ack! And for the first part of your life, every adult you encounter lying to your face, just to strip it all away when you turn 6 or 7. Christmas is a rip off for kids. That’s why I like parents who buy ALL the presents for their kids. I would do the same thing. Buy them everything they ever could have imagined they wanted. As they tire of them, donate them. But make Christmas worth the hype and the lies and the deception.