December 8th, 2015

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I'm Not Sure What Happened . . .

. . . But it was bad.

First, in my quest to get a piece of software, I downloaded a trojan. OK. It wasn’t too hard to make the decision to wipe it and restore it to factory zero. So I did. Then I very carefully installed a select few programs that I need to work that I know are safe. The last one involved plugging my Flip Cam into the USB hub. When I did, it installed the software, and as it finished up, all hell broke loose.

It was like something wormed through my firewall, or broke the fucker down, what do I know? And started installing spyware three times faster than I could uninstall it. I play with this for about 15 minutes before Doc got me to re-wipe and re-restore it.

I have installed nothing. I have attached two USB drives. So far, they are safe. Neither of them have the offending trojan on them. I am using a password on the laptop that I’ve never used anywhere. I was using one that had been stored in Chrome for other sites, so that was really stupid. I have to go to all my sites now and change passwords. Maybe I’ll have Doc do that. I need some fucking sleep. This has been going on for hours. I thought it was night, and the sun was coming up. Ugh.