December 7th, 2015

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But I Did . . .

I made ten headers. None with titles. Just the graphics. Now I have to turn them into headers for actual pages. I want all of the pages to have different headers under the main header. I wanted to do them in different fonts, but for the sake of continuity, I won’t. Or, maybe I will. I don’t know. No, I won’t. I’ll stick with the same font. Continuity is professional. I want my site to be professional.

I have to rewrite the front page. It suits me, but does me no good with search engines. I want to change the picture, too. Just because I want to change that picture up regularly. I don’t necessarily want to change the text once it’s set. I have to mention poetry and art brut and spoken word and handicrafts and over and over somehow. I bullshit my way through four years of composition class, I can do this.

I also need to see how much I can refine the pages that the galleries are on. Like add the gallery names to them and such. I was so excited that I finally got a gallery plugin that worked the way it said it did without having to be paid for at the last minute that I didn’t really set things up properly.

I’m also fighting another steep learning curve figuring out how to make my poetry into “posts”, like blog posts, but separate from my blog without installing a second database and instance of WP. Though maybe . . . no, that wouldn’t be simpler, and it would drag Cryo into  it. And it’s the holidays, and he has enough to do. Anyway, there is a way to do it with “categories”, I just have to watch the videos that tell me how. I went to do that today and got distracted by my headphones only working on one side now. The cord has been away from the cats. It’s just the cheapness of the headphones. I got unlucky and got a bad set. I’ll play with the wiring later.

I have to clean tonight. I’ve been sick all weekend, and flying high on cold medication. I’ve been living on banana bread and candied nuts. I made a bacon and cheese sandwich today but had to give it to Doc because I made the bacon too crispy for my teeth. That was a bummer. I have salmon to make tonight. Clean, make salmon, and eat it while I watch instructional videos. Sounds like a plan.

My hair is being weird. Since I bleached it, it’s been straighter. Not so weird in itself, that happens, but the part I left dark has been straighter, too. So I don’t know if it’s the bleach, or if it’s the stuff I’m putting in my hair. I use an oil blend called by the brand name, “Enjoy” and Suave kids spray Detangler, the green bottle with the orange octopus on it. And I don’t know which is straightening my hair. But I like it. It’s just enough to take the volume and frizz out of it. It’s got a young Courtney Love without the bangs look.

And speaking of bangs . . . I’ve been thinking. Bangs are never an easy decision. I’ve been thinking about cutting bangs out of the blonde part of the front of my hair. And blending them into the dark. But when you have curly hair, bangs are never an easy decision. It can easily go very wrong.

I just Lied to my pharmacist. Actually, my swing-hitter pharmacist. It’s complicated, but it was a simple lie to get my meds. Because, as the compliant Devon just agreed with me, this is not a medication you want to go cold turkey off of. Yes, Devon. Look at my thighs for evidence of that truism. So, I’m getting my meds, just in a bunch of tiny little pills instead of two big pills. They don’t keep the big pills in stock, and the big pills are back ordered and for christ’s sake, just give me the little pills because my doctor is on vacation as of yesterday for two weeks and I’m not playing this 8 pills every other day shit for 2 weeks, ‘K Devon? So, tomorrow, I’m getting a big bottle of tiny little pills. I win. I’m not going without my meds anymore. Not doing it. The pharmacist is there to provide me with my medication, and goddammit, that is what they are going to do. It’s not like I’m not going to pay through the nose for those little pills. Even with the savings card. That covered the small dose. My dose is now the maximum dose. So the card will cover about half of the cost now. Still significant. I’m really glad you all turned me on to that.

It was funny, Doc and I were sleeping on couches. My alarm went off at 4, so I could get things ready for Doc for work. He got up to blow his nose and went straight back to his bedroom and went to bed. Smart man. That is why I am able to type right now. I miss Scout, her keyboard was silent. This USB keyboard is like a drum kit.

Okay, cigarettes to stuff, coffee to make.