November 20th, 2015

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Procrastination or dead end?

Have I come to an impasse with myself over how the content pages are going to look? I think I  have.

I made my new recipe, Spiced Banana Bread with Toasted Hazelnuts. Once I do some research on bananas, I will post the recipe and a suitably impressive picture of the loaf on the all access area of my Patreon site. I was going to slice it nicely and lay it out on a bread board and photograph it with a tripod and everything, but Doc had to leave, and I couldn’t let him leave without some. So I sliced into it hot and sent him off with a foil pack of three screaming hot pieces. Enough to share with his co-workers and for me to get an idea of how many loaves I need to make for work for the holidays for him.

And I will gladly do it. Though I would not have said that three hours ago. See, I was raised with a Kitchen Aid stand mixer. When I left home, I moved into professional kitchens, and had robocoups and giant Humbolt floor models, and always the pastry section had Kitchen Aid stand mixers. I didn’t realize until I left the professional kitchen what a spoilt brat I was. I had never hand mixed a batter. I soon learned and just figured if I couldn’t have a Kitchen Aid, I would just do it by hand.

But last year I tried to make butter-cream frosting. And you need much bigger arms/a mixer to do that right. This year, I want to try my hand at a cheesecake, which I have never made unsupervised, my Pastry Chef was always with me on that. And for that, I need a mixer. Oddly enough, a Star Wars make-up purchase on, turned into me buying a Hamilton Beach hand mixer with rubberized attachments so I can use them in my pans with my sauces (BLISS – never again will I have to rush to salvage a lumpy roux!), and bread hooks, so I could get into bread making if I wanted to; and an overtly nice flour sifter, because my Home Ec teacher was dead wrong and my Pastry Chef was right on the money, sifting the dry ingredients takes a 6 product up to a 9 in texture. I will never not sift again.

My new tools will be here next Wednesday. And that is when the real baking begins. We’re carefully watching walnut and pecan prices for the candied nuts. If we are able to get whole pecans, and not just pieces, then after they are candied, I will dip half of them in chocolate. I did that at the Pourhouse Cafe, and it went over gangbusters. And the walnuts can just be in pieces, in the hot sugar, they just kind of melt once hardened.

And the annual hunt for the perfect fudge recipe is on. My Grandma Iona, unfortunately took her fudge recipe to the grave, and my dad took the written copy to the landfill because he is irretrievably stupid. I have been searching for this fudge, that hardens just a bit, and melts on the tongue. It isn’t too heavy. Need that melt on the tongue, not lay-on -the-tongue-being- chocolate. It’s got to start immediately, with the first nibble, start to fade away, so you take a bigger bite, and then it is gone and all you have left in your mouth are the chopped nuts. And you’re wondering, where did the fudge go? I’ve got to have another piece and see if it happens again. That’s my Xmas memory. With a white cardboard Sears shirt gift box from a past year, lined with waxed paper, full of fudge. I haven’t had it since I was 9. I will find that recipe this year. Doc’s coworkers will get fat this season.

I have slacked off for a few hours. Okay. One. It feels like more because the music is on. I keep expecting Doc to walk in and he never does, because he is at work. He yelled at me for only taking one Seroquel last night and only getting two hours of sleep. But I was working! I was on a roll. I wasn’t tired. I slept this morning/afternoon. 11am to 2:30pm isn’t bad. He insists I take my full meds tonight. Fine.

I found this wonderful little program that takes all the songs in your Windows Media playlists and copies them to a folder you determine so you can then do what you want with them. I did this and managed to add all of my most favorite songs to the USB stick that I use on the Drone, which still plays music and has her own speakers.

You may have noticed the little “UP” button on pages when you scroll down. That will become more useful later, as content fills up. It will also look different. That’s just a placeholder image I threw together. And the scrollbar now matches the blue of the site. Stupid little things I did that I’ve always wanted to do with my website, but never had the coding skills. Have I mentioned I love WordPress? I do, you know. I really do.

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