November 18th, 2015

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I really meant to do this last night.

I had a rather large post rattling around in my head last night, but I went plug-in shopping instead. And then it was time for bed. Is it only Wednesday? Hrmph. At least I got paid overnight. I can do a little online shopping. Motorcycle style boots, or supplies? Definitely Doc’s Xmas presents, and thank you, targeted internet advertising, for letting him know what those were, by showing him ads for them on every page he’s been on in the last week. *headdesk* At least I can be sure he’s not shopping for Xmas for me at all. I guess it’s going to be a name-my-own-present kind of year. How about a my new laptop working? That’ll do.

Last night, Bagira pulled a “Major” and reached up to paw at my hand to get me to pet him on the head. Now he does it, Major does it, and Simon did it once, but I don’t think that will happen again. And I’ll tell you why.pose My beloved, beautiful Simon, Sai Sai, cat of my heart, is a Big, Giant Jerk. It took us so long to figure this out because he spent all of his time alone in my room since we captured him. He had been feral for about a year. But in the last few months, he has been coming out of my room and interacting. And our assessment of his behavior toward the others is, he is a big, giant jerk. He guards the food. He starts fights. He instigates fights between others. He chases off my other cats when they are on my lap with the most passive aggressive behavior I’ve ever seen in a 4 legged animal.

Freddie knew. She was out on the streets with him, and she hated him. She knew what was up. She always hissed and howled at him. He’s a jerk. Beautiful Ragamuffin, or Ragdoll, but a bit of an arse.

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