October 25th, 2015

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Im just putting this out there . . .

This is the link to my art supply/equipment wishlist on amazon.com. Not everything on it will have an obvious use. But trust me, this is a time-built, well thought out list of things that I need to complete big projects and continue to work on smaller ones. https://amzn.com/w/VD5KA586TTTP It's a couple of months until Xmas, so I just thought I would throw that out there. It seems to be the best kept secret on the web. I also have a toy/book wishlist, if you want the link to that, just leave a post here and I'll pass it along to you.

Doc is at odds with me. I want to make Kel something and have it framed and send it to her for xmas. That involves not only getting it framed, which won't be that pricey, I have coupons. But it will have to be packed and shipped via the UPS store, which he does not like the idea of, even though they will insure it for far more than the post office, plus, pack it better than I could. So, he's in the kitchen thinking about it. I am leaving him alone to think.

I started going through all of my "me" centric Pinterest boards last night and inserting my URL, so they all lead back to my site. I have a lot of fucking pictures up.

Ever since wordpress was installed, my site has been flooded with bots. Bot bot bot bot bot. All trying to dig in to the admin files and find database files. I can't even track any useful traffic info because everything is filled up with bloody hacker bot info. CURSE THE BOTS! You may remember I had the same problem when I had a file folder called "coppermine" in my domain. I had to rename it to eliminate the bot surfing. Now they are attacking my wp and wordpress everything. I am so not amused. I was really into following traffic around on my site. Now, why bother?

Windows Live Mail just doesn't give a fuck, does it? Windows stopped supporting it long ago. I have the last version installed because it was part of the Windows Live package, and I liberally use the Windows Live Movie Maker to throw together quick videos, it's a handy little piece of program. When they distributed it, they bundled it with several other programs I have never used or investigated outside of the Live Mail program. I do this because I can't find a mail program to use. It won't accept any of my user accounts besides my domains hosted on Warped, and that was a three day fight. Its junk filters do whatever they want to do, regardless of what you tell them, so every time I check my inbox, I have to check my spam box, since most of my important, personal mail ends up there. So, what, again was the point of having a "junk filter"? I has a confused. Any suggestions on email handling programs that are not java or web based, please let me know. I can only take this chaos for so long and I want to start using my other accounts for mailing list purposes for my site and the store. Preferably not a Microsoft product, they have just a bit too much autonomy for my taste. I can see already that I am going to have issues with AI.

I didn't mention that Doc got pulled over on his mountain bike the other morning coming home from work and the grocer at 6:30 in the morning. I've mentioned that we live on the border of Ritchie Rich land, and their cops are jackbooted thugs. If you are not rich (i.e.: riding a mountain bike in the rain carrying grocery bags with a bursting rucksack on your back) and they catch you in their lands, you are in trouble. And regardless of your color, you get Drug Addict Privilege. He was stripped of his rucksack (after being told to lay his bike in the street in the dark) and told to take the position with his hands on the hood of the cop car. His bag was gone through, groceries unpacked and left strewn on the sidewalk, as the other cop circled around behind him spouting off some crap about drug trafficking and he should just admit it now before they find anything, yada yada. Doc stood there and didn't say a word. He had not consented to the search, he had never been asked. He tried to speak up regarding his rights and was shoved against the car roughly. Doc is a guy who knows how to handle himself with cops. These guys were just what I said, jackbooted thugs, there was no room for his rights. Drug Addict Privilge. When all of the bags were empty, and the sidewalk was full, Doc was told by the older cop that he had been pulled over because the cop thought he was struggling riding his bike (of course he was, he had 50 pounds of groceries on him!) and pulled him over to see if he was okay, while the younger cop, looking like a rookie, kept repeating, "Should we take him in now?" Doc said he was fine. He was just trying to get home to his sick wife that he took care of. The older cop told the younger to shush and get into the patrol car, and then admonished Doc to get the groceries packed up quickly and be on his way. Then they left.

So that's Doc's Ritchie Rich Land story. And because of long term construction on some local roads, he has to keep taking that route until mid-April. Well, at least the cops know him to see him, now. Doc is more focused than ever on getting a car. Not the gang truck. But a real, model citizen car. Fucking Henderson cops hassling him. That's the second time that has happened, though the first, he was with a brown person, so, reasonable cause in the cops' eyes. That time, Doc had been delivering a home cooked meal to a friend who was in hiding.

We're only safe in our home. Only here.