October 18th, 2015

2013, cyd, new

I have a list of complaints . . .

but I'm not going into them. Instead, I am
-brewing fresh coffee
-taking my meds
-establishing a baseline of nicotine
-pushing electrolytes
-blowing my nose until it is raw

I HAVE to stop eating pizza from Pizza Hut. My digestive system doesn't like it a bit. The last two days have been a digestive nightmare, and it doesn't look to end until sometime tomorrow. It's cheap and easy and I have got to quit doing it. My body rejects it outright. Another weekend shot to hell.

Doctor Who was good last night, the Doctor got the trigger he needed to remember who he really is and give up this death obsession. I was hoping River Song would come back and give him the will to live, as well as his Sonic back, but I'll take this. Where did we know the Viking girl from? I didn't catch her name, the main one. What is she from?

I missed the Rocky Horror Show. I'll catch it On Demand. Or download it.

I think the Army of the Sea, the sharks, are trying to tell us something about the rising water temperatures. I think we should stop looking at these shark attacks as "Lone Wolf" episodes. Unfortunately, they can't bite the people who are really hurting everything.

Don't even talk to me about Lamar Odom and the Kardashians. I want those whores out of my city. Lamar can stay, he's cool. Dump the broads. Poor sucker, he can't even tell them to leave him alone. And if you were wondering what happened to HIPAA laws? They don't exist at the hospital he's at. It's the place that so fucked me up and kept me in the ER instead of the proper ICU because of the visible condition I was in, I looked like a psych case. Once they actually let Doc and Kelly in, they threw my privacy away. And they don't have a private floor to put him on. He is surrounded by "sources". That's all I'm going to say o the matter. I hope he recovers. I hope he has something to recover for.