October 14th, 2015

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A brief update

I slept for a couple of hours tonight. I have come to a stop with the site. Technical glitch. I'll get it sorted soon enough. I'm working around it. So much I can do with the new site. I'm even setting up a password protected section for Patreon patrons. So much to do. Graphics to make.

I'm working on my poetry book at the same time. Making graphics for the chapter title pages, and maybe a little swirl or something to go in between poems, so I can put them back to back, rather than one to a page. With my shorter pieces, it is a complete waste of paper. Or poems that go 8 lines over a page. Yeah, I need a divider thingy. I'll worry about cover art when I'm done with the editing. I don't get the dimensions for the cover until after I have submitted the book, so, I have a bit of time. Poems that don't make it in the book will go onto a poetry page. Also, my more popular poems will go on a Portfolio page that will feature my photography and Photoshop skills, my essay writing, popular or published poetry, and past web designs which are all antiquated, but the graphics hold up. I may even put a resume up. Yeah, right. No, really. I had two "real" office jobs in web design. Back before it was seen as a creative process and artists who were also coders were treated like bank tellers. That's what made me go freelance. Also, there was more money in porn.

For the past 9 years, my website has been a disgrace. Especially the past two years. I put the current design up because it was quick and easy for me to redo the entire site with it. There is no CSS used on my site, currently, it's all hand coding. With help from a Front Page template and Dreamweaver.

I made more salad/dessert chargers yesterday night. Oh? I didn't show you those? They are fucking brilliant. I got the idea from a charger plate doc got from a discount store because it was red and he thought I would like it. I don't, because it is too damn big. I showed him what it was for yesterday, then whipped out my charger plate (made of a vintage vinyl record) with one of his glass salad plates in the middle of it. Perfect fit. I made several place settings. I made more bowls, too. I had the idea of a soup bowl charger, a bowl you put your soup bowl in, but without the right dish for the soup, the heat will transfer and the record will melt whilst you enjoy your chowder. So I'm sticking with the salad/dessert chargers, and I'm going to find a link online where you can get the plates and put a link in the sale description in the store. We need more of them. We've broken them all but one. We need at least three more.

2013, cyd, new

#Free #Christmas #art #cards

Don't forget to email me your name and mailing addy for a unique Xmas art card. xmas@zenweb.net. EVERYONE. I HAVE NO ADDYS FROM PAST YEARS, THEY ALL GOT LOST IN THE DATA CRASH THIS SPRING. So, get on it. Subject line "card" or "xmas" or "i'm in" or "i'm down with that" or some other positive thing that will jump out a me in the sea of design emails. I'm putting a limit of a hundred on this, and will stop collecting addys sometime before Thanksgiving. It's FREE ART. I'm really into this project, so you would be helping me out to develop my technique I'm using for this and expand my creative experience. Plus I don't ever get to do anything nice for you guys, with all you do for me. Let me give back what I can. Do me this favor. Please.

Update: I am limiting this to 100/shutting down entry on 11/15. Get your address in quickly, slots are filling up.