September 12th, 2015

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Let everything in this case be all right.

Doc is on his way to B's. Turns out he's been having the same "bad" feeling about his scooter over there that I have been having, it wasn't all my paranoia.We "think" the scooter might be gone. But we couldn't talk about it. We can't talk about reality. So Doc got dressed and is now on his way over there. God help B if that scooter is not at his house. I'm actually scared of what Doc might do to him. Doc is a lover, not a fighter. This is mainly because he is a recovering hippie with Special Forces training. I know from experience several of the many ways he has of immobilizing his "enemy", he did it to me for the paramedics/cops once. He is a weapon, I don't know if he is lethal. But he has a temper, and a Very Strong, "Don't touch my shit," vibe going on in his whole persona.

Please send happy thoughts of Doc not ending up on the news and/or in jail for assault/murder today. Seriously. This isn't me dramatizing. Doc has a very tiny aggression switch, but when it is turned on, like it would be if his $2400 scooter went missing, it is really scary and B is a cop calling fiend.

I just don't want any drama with them. Please let the scooter be there. Let them still live at the same house. Let everything in this case be all right.
2013, cyd, new

Everyone is safe, people reported "surreal"

Doc was relieved (and therefore didn't call me for a few hours) to find all well with the scooter. It isn't any closer to being fixed, but it is still in one piece and still in place. He finally called and told me all was well, and got home shortly after. We had lunch, kind of together, as much as we ever eat together, and then both laid down for a nap with "Star Trek Into Darkness" playing.

I can't find anything on TV to watch. I think I'm going to go high-tech. Hook Scout up to the flat screen, map the network to Blue Max, and pick a movie to play from MY library to play in the background while I work. Doc is asleep for another 4 hours at least. If I put Scout next to me on the couch, I could keep the volume down and not wake him up. Do you know, I think I am going to do that. No point in having all of these machines around if they aren't going to be my pleasure slaves (in 30 years, at my Robot -trial, that sentence will be used against me).

According to the uppity-ups at Place, my Place is set up and ready to go. Yep, I know that. There's just no one there. That's where the never interacting on Little Monsters comes in. I don't have a ready made audience from there to import. So, yeah, don't know about Place. I may just be too old for it.

The damn man across the street and one over has left the dog out in the heat of the day again. It is under his truck, crying and wailing and whining and howling. Somehow I am the only person in the neighborhood who hears it. My new idea is to type up a letter and print it with an anon email addy for the people to write back to, asking if they need help caring for the dog during the day, volunteering to be that help. Finding out if the dog has some kind of discipline problem, if he does, we can keep him outside here, or in the mudroom, for cooling off, and at least he won't be alone. I just have to work up the nerve to do it and to sound calm and not be snarky. They are nice people. I think they are caring for the dog against their wishes for their son (that's the gossip round the corner). I want to help. But I can't present myself in person, for obvious reasons (getting the judgment look and deadpan reactions from the pizza guy last night as I smiled and tried to joke with him reminded me of that - fukken teeth) and I really want to help that dog. He makes me so sad. And I won't call Animal Control until I have done my level best to help the situation out.

It's dusk. Time to feed the outdoor cats. Last night, and I couldn't get a picture of it, logistics of the framing, but Billy-Bob was atop the cinder block wall, lounging around midnight, and on the neighbor's roof, just a few feet behind and too the right of him, was Felix (who bears a striking resemblance to Billy-Bob), lounging in the same position. The looked like twins, well it looked like an echo in reality's fabric, is what it looked like. They just lay there, staring at Doc and I as we scrambled around with the cameras, trying to find an angle that would fit them both in and capture the magic of the moment. We couldn't, so we sat down and stared at them, capturing the moment in our minds, and talking with each other. Billy-Bob and Scruffy Black Cat have really enriched the lives of our little herd of outsiders. And they are teaching Chewy control and patience. Neither of them back off a bit when Chewy barks at them, which is rare, but does happen. They just look at him incredulously and wait for him to tire of them.

I've left Photoshop open all day to remind me to work. And then given this laptop to Doc, so it was reminding him to remind me. Yeah, that went over well. So we switched computers before sleeping. Now there are cables and cords all round. Let's see if I can sort this and get a movie going before I lose all the light. Have a great Saturday night everyone.