September 11th, 2015

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Procrastination is my Super Power.

Doc goes through all this piss and bother to avoid glass and nails and rocks on his bike, and he got taken out by a thorn today. Flat tire on the way to work. He was half way there. He walked the bike the rest of the way. At least it wasn't the scooter? That just so sucks for him. He was really sore today. He's not been the same since the last accident. And in a fit of frustration with me today, he confessed that he feels like he can't take care of himself because he has to take care of me all the time. I tried to point out that this was ridiculous, at least for the past two weeks. But I was in a foul mood, myself (realigning of the hormones after the monthly mess), and my tone was all wrong. We made up, mostly, before he left. I'm just concerned for his trip home in a couple of hours. The temp never dropped lower than 95 and the humidity went up in preparation for this weekend's tease of rain. At least he will be home before the sun comes up. I told him there was nothing that was urgently needed at the store, we had food for everyone, us, cats, strays, dog, everyone is covered. He can take tomorrow and rest up and then get the tire replaced on Saturday. I think he actually has an extra tire. He has a whole other bike.

I kind of realized when I looked away from Pinterest at 3:30am that I wasn't going to get any sleep tonight. I still have to do litterboxes, dishes (very few), and shower and change. He started with the don't-you-have-any-shirts-without-holes-what-happened-to-the-ones-I-just-bought-you shtick, and my but-I-wore-this-to-see-the-Ramones shtick wasn't working. So I can at least get clean and change my clothes.

Scruffy Black Cat has a nice big sore on the back of his front left leg. I know he won't let me near him to clean it. I put out cold water with an ice block and fresh food. We've somehow tripped upon a cat chow that the ants despise. They won't come near it, but it is good for the cats. I did notice that the blood of the wound was bright red and it looked clean. So, he is taking care of it. And it doesn't seem to be causing him pain to walk. It looks like an asphalt burn, like he jumped down from something and skidded to a stop. Billy-Bob-Brian-Zeus had a similar tear on his back right leg last year, and he ended up packing it with dried leaves. When I noticed that the leaves had come off, the scab was gone and there was just a scar. Now his fur has grown back in to cover it. As delicate as indoor cats can be, ferals/strays are really resilient. The two we captured and made indoor cats weren't true ferals. They had both been put out. Freddie may have been to young when she was abandoned to remember being an indoor cat, but when we trapped her, she was 6 months old and really pregnant. She was very eager to be inside and fed and loved. Simon had been wild for about 8 months, he had been abandoned by tenants at the apartments where we lived. It took me six months to get him to trust me. One of the last things I did before we left that hell hole was go out to the porch, fill his food dish, wait for him, and grab him when he came up. I took him right inside the apartment and put him right into a kennel. We took him directly here to the house, where my room had been set up with a new litter box, new food and water dishes and new cat bed. No scent of others. He had two days to get used to being inside with a/c without other cats around while we moved the rest of the house in. Then we moved him to my bathroom and moved my room in. He assimilated with the other cats flawlessly, except for Freddie. They must have known each other on the outside and not gotten along. They still don't. Even though Simon has often offered her his belly.

Okay, now I'm just putting off the inevitable. Clean. Shower. Medicate. Maybe work for a while. It's Friday. A prescription needs to be dropped off this weekend. I'm two weeks out from deciding if I am staying on this new med and Doc and I have yet to assess the cost benefit of it. I also need to seriously consider dropping Medicare. It's $100 out of my check each month, and I don't use it. It's completely useless if you have private insurance, and really just cocks things up. Every "Medicare" doctor I've seen has been an experience in malpractice, no matter the specialty. And it doesn't cover dental, so I don't need it. I just don't know if I can opt out of it. I have private insurance, so it won't affect my standing with the ACA regs. But that extra money would pay for my new med and at least leave me enough money for food for the month.

Right. Procrastination is my super power. Cheers.
2013, cyd, new

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