August 23rd, 2015

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Kale or some shit.

Argh? The fan is dead in the laptop. The graphics card keeps overheating. Doc has given up his game. His master plan seems to be buying me a new laptop (or him a laptop), anyway, a laptop I can get my work done, while we get this one fixed. Since I found five discontinued laptops at Frys that are less than $200 and basically the same as what I have here, just with Windows 8.1 on them, Doc has enough money to pick one up so I can use it as a straight work laptop. And then, I guess, we use this one for gaming and social media. I think that is his plan. I'm kind of along for the ride here.

I said something about him changing things on here and he called me ungrateful and turned it all around on me and how I should be appreciative and all of this shit. I have never hated him more in that moment when he turned it completely around on me. It happened in slow motion. It was like there were subtitles under the hateful and manipulative words that came slo-mo out of his mouth. What a fucking prick. He can't just be nice to me for one day!

And I woke up to him apologizing for not wanting to go get my headphones, again. They've only been at the store for five days. No problem. I can't listen to music on here anyway. Broken promises.

Yeah, and I will continue to live here and continue to complain. Or maybe I'll go with my plan from a few months ago and just go catatonic.

He got me a bunch of junk food because I wasn't eating. So all I'm eating right now is junk food. Going from sugar rush to sugar rush. Enjoy it while it lasts before he gets a bee in his bonnet and starts bringing kale home or some shit.