July 31st, 2015

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2013, cyd, new

Oh, and more of that sweet Sai Sai paw massage.

Annnnnnnnnnnnnnnd Major takes out yet another pair of headphones! That's 1 Trackball, 1 IR Mouse, 2 pair of headphones, and 1 phone recharger. I don't know how he is getting to these things. We keep them UP. Major is not an arboreal cat, he does not go UP. He is fat and sloth-like and prefers the floor or couch cushions. He doesn't even like the cat tree. I guess when I get new headphones, which I must do post-haste, I will have to keep them in the secret compartment of the Shrine. Then I know he can't get them. And I'm not stashing anything else there at the moment. I'm really glad I buy cheap headphones.

Doc finally gave in and came out and told me I had the money to pay Warped, so I'm going to do that. He even went so far as to say I had an extra $10 or so. So that, with the Patreon money on the 5th, they pay me the 5th, I can probably swing some walmart over-the-ear headphones. If I can, then I will ask to borrow the money from Doc this weekend so I can get them as soon as possible and keep working on audio projects. Everything with sound has come to a screeching halt. Got to get the train moving again.

I think I'm going to stop looking at my site stats. I'm getting people coming in from all manner of fucked up places, and to be honest, I really just don't want to know that shit. About 7,000 hits a month. Honest hits. Mostly image hits from people surfing through here. Then the mp3 traffic, the Kb used makes it noticeable. And the slow and steady thumbsucking section of the site, I have two people who refer to that section, I get about 30 hits a month from them combined, and the traffic stays to look through the whole section, it looks like. For a site that is not advertised, or SEO customized, or linked to (aside from those two thumb sites) by anyone, I get a decent amount of random traffic. Just think what I can do if I start putting my mind to it. Interesting thoughts.

Ack! I just realized that as I was sitting forward, perching on the edge of the couch, the couch itself filled in with animals. I moved back, and I am now surrounded. It's after 4, the a/c has been turned up by now. Bunch of pussies. Chewy is in his pillow fort. He makes it out of my blanket and pillow when I wake up and pile them at the end of my couch (Simon is giving me a great back massage right now in his sleep), Chewy will push the blanket until there is an empty, cavern like place under the pillow for him to put his head and half his body. He was compulsively licking, but I think I managed to talk him out of that with lots of pets and love and talk of a shower. He knows the word "shower", and he doesn't like it.

I'm sitting here with one (because, you guessed it, Major ate the other) earbud in, listening desperately to my play list. It never ceases to amaze me how much music I listen to relies on the gift of stereo. I'm listening to half of a Sia song right now. It is very weird, because our minds fill in a lot of what it missing. While it was awkward at the beginning of the song, my mind has filled in the missing parts on its own to the point where the song is almost complete sounding to me as it ends. Strange.

The English Playwright's first question to me was "How do you find being schizophrenic?" And I'm really considering answering her, "It's a fucking trip." The hallucinations have so much improved with the return of Doctor Who. The harder question is actually how I deal, or if I deal with psychosis. Doc and I talked a lot about me and psychosis this morning, dredging up a horrible memory for both of us. Yeah, it isn't the hallucinations that get me in trouble, it's the psychosis that scares the shit out of people. And that's the stuff the meds don't help. Ack, I see now that this is going to be kind of heavy.

I need a cigarette and maybe a shot of vodka. Oh, and more of that sweet Sai Sai paw massage.