July 2nd, 2015

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Holy Shitballs, Archer!

Ok, so it wasn't a Dalek or an R2 unit. I don't know how I would have explained either of those to the cats, so better off for it. What was it?

A flat panel monitor roughly the size of God's ego. The definition on it is so incredible! I can't wait to open Photoshop and play. I just have to adjust the colors for it. Let's just say it's so big that Windows 7 on my laptop doesn't see it as a monitor, but as a projector. Yes, it's frelling huge.

Then, a webcam that can take panoramic pictures and has tilt/pan capabilities and high res photos. Never can have too many cameras. Web cams included. It may take the place of the cam I'm using for arting now, and that one may be used for security. I swear a drunk B was outside on the driveway tonight. I will go out tomorrow morning and see if there is a beer can in the recycling bin. Whoever was out there ranting in B's voice threw a can in the recycling bin, and I'm going CSI on that shit tomorrow. I know how to effectively lift fingerprints, Doc taught me. That's how he always used to know if I had been where I oughtn't. Finally he showed me his trick.

Okay, I'm getting off track. Then, 3, yes, I said 3, external hard drives. Finally I can condense the flash drives that I have all of my shit on. I can keep the flash drives for travel, but for working at home, I now have a separate hard drive for my work, all of it, mp3's, videos, doc's, spreadsheets telling me what is posted where for how long. All in one place. That will free up the USB hub. So then I can connect my printers. And Doc can have a hard drive all his own.

What else . . . oh! A cordless keyboard and mouse. So I have a mouse for the drone laptop now, finally. I might just use the cordless keyboard as well. This place is getting really corded.

And of course the entire enormity of the living room is dominated by large screens. The TV, the additional screen on the drone, and the two screens now for the laptop, one of which is worthy of a flaming chariot driven by unicorns.

Now begins my groveling and endless thanks to my Tech Patron, wastededucation. I cannot thank you enough for all of this, and all previous care packages. You won't let me. But believe me, there is always a cold beer and hot meal here for you. You have made my week, and it was a pretty good week as it was. This just puts me over the top. Thank you, from my cold, dark heart, in the warmest way possible.

Oh wow. I've fucked off with all of this stuff since 7:30, and it's 12:30 now. Definitely going to have to set the alarm tonight. I did all the tidying up before I got deep into the box. So everything is done. Oh, shit, I forgot to eat. I was supposed to make nachos or chili dogs tonight. I'll make one of them for breakfast.

We got our lease renewal this week. Since we have them in our pockets as long-term lessees now, Doc is going to give them a list of things that he wants fixed that they have blown off since we first moved in before he will sign the renewal. He's getting shrewd, this one.

S called, he wants to buy the big-ass truck back. Doesn't even care that it's having problems. Go for it. Then we only have to get rid of the Isuzu.

Doc is firing B. For real this time. He's going to figure out a way to get both bikes from B, and get them home. Then take one of them, whichever needs less work, to the mechanic shop he knows of, and cough up the $40/hour labor and just get the bike fixed for the one problem it has, not spend $300 getting the engine replaced for no good reason, other than B feels like adding it to his resume. He assures me that he means it this time.

Doc is back on his mountain bike. He had to replace the front wheel. It got bent in the collision. Better the wheel than his head. He's so fearless. I've ridden a bike one time since I had my accident. I was run off the road in the dark rain into a gully by a semi that was on the road I was on illegally. Been on a bike once. And I fell off. Turns out you can forget how to ride a bike.

The Women's World Cup has been such turmoil for me. I usually root for Germany, but this year they played USA in the semis. And lost to the USA. Then, England played Japan. I'm an Anglophile, so I root England. But Doc is from Japan, so I root Japan. Who to root? Every damn one! Then the finals are USA v Japan! ACK! This is what I get for liking futbol. And England's loss was so heartbreaking. Scoring in their own goal, I know that even the Japanese felt that heartbreak, that is one of those things that transcends competition and is felt by all players, if only for a moment.

Wow, Koreans are such physically beautiful people. I'm watching a thing on North Korea, and the women are crying, but they are so beautiful. They have a quality the Japanese don't have. I don't know if it's the way they age, where Japanese don't seem to until they are ancient. The Koreans are just a gorgeous people.

Christ, I have got to take my meds and go to sleep before this second wind I feel coming on gets here and I stay up all night. That's tomorrow night. Thursday night, party night, I tell Doc. I don't have to be up at any certain time on Fridays, so Thursday is the night I stay up all night, take half my Seroquel, if any until dawn, play music loud and chain smoke. But tonight I have to sleep. We have to go to the farm tomorrow. It's harvest day. We were supposed to do it today, but Doc was too beat.