June 22nd, 2015

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Wish me luck

I got all of the pieces that are on youtube remastered and ready for upload to SoundCloud. I was going to do it tonight, but it's too late. I need to get up at 5:30 and it's almost 1 now. I also got clips from all the pieces for posting on Clammr. I'm going to schedule them for release every other day. I also need to post them to Patreon tomorrow. I need to show prospective patrons that I am producing new things. Then I will start to work on remastering all the stuff I haven't yet and getting clips from those pieces and making graphics and the whole thing starts over again. I am doing this to put off recording new stuff, giving time to Doc to get me stockings. He swears he goes down that aisle at the Dollar Store every time he's in there, and can't, for the life of him remember what he is doing in that aisle.

He spaces on tampons, too. I use one of two types. And apparently the shop doesn't carry them at the same time. So he finds himself just staring at the wall of feminine products, scanning for familiar fonts and graphics, never sure until he gets home if he is right. I gave him the box tops from each type, so he can keep them in his wallet for reference, but he stopped carrying a wallet and understandably doesn't want to carry tampon packaging in his pockets with his ID and cards. Can't say as I blame him.

I broke my favorite glass yesterday. I was getting it out of the fridge, off the bottom shelf and had a tenuous grasp on it, and Doc started "AH YA BLAH YA YA WATER BRITA FOR ME NOW" and distracted me and as I turned to him to see what his damage was, I lost hold of the glass. It was a cool glass. 12 oz., ripply, just a great glass. It is the only one of mine that I unpacked. When Doc went to Dollar Tree later on in the day, he got me a new glass. 10 oz., with small bubbles randomly spread out in the glass. It reminds me of the glass in Washington's place in Valley Forge and in the windows of the White House, that has settled over the years (since glass is not a solid, but a liquid) and formed bubbles in the panes of glass. It is so cool.

We're getting a washing machine tomorrow! I know what I'm doing after I put my studio back together. Laundry: the Quest for Cyd's Clothes.

Now it's a quest for Cyd's sleep before the Seroquel munchies kick in.
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My tweets

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It's finally happening!

Here is the link I sent out over Twitter and my two Facebook accounts this morning, after a flurry of work:

Yes, I finally got my thoughts together enough to set up rudimentary rewards for subscribers/patrons at the $1, $3, $5, and $10 per month levels. I don't expect to get anything over $5. In fact, $5 would really surprise me. As I get my site set up and built up, I will be able to beef that up some, add some rewards.

And I got over a dozen pieces remastered and sampled and uploaded and Clammr-ed and promoted. It was a Facebook and Twitter early morning blitz. I warned Twitter. I did not warn Facebook. I got 43 plays. And a first, a few "re-plays", which I guess is the equivalent of a "share". I got a favorite or two and my first "You are Excellent! We will Promote you for this Low Low Price!". So, I am branching out, I am reaching people. Clammr is queued up until June 11th. If I did the youtube overlaps, I could actually add another 10-13 days to that. I'm not sure how into that I am, though. We'll see. I've got major burn out right now. I want to do this Tulip painting thing I've got in mind.

And I HAVE to finish the Wordpress book and get on top of reworking my site. Right now, my site is all on top of me, jabbing into me and poking me and making me itch and hurting my neck. I've got the book. I've got the thing. I've got the theme. I've got the plug-in for the photo gallery. Maybe I should find a plug-in for audio and video playing just in case. Wouldn't hurt to have. So when I go to my webhost I can tell him I can do it all myself and not bother him with it at all. I just need to check that he has compatible versions of some software on the server or some such. (Can you believe I wanted to be a hacker at one time?)

(to myself) Repeat after me: I can do this. I have seen people who know far less about web design and coding do amazing things with this system. There is no reason for me to believe that I will have problems with this. I can do this.

So if anyone knows any philanthropists that dig art brut or post punk poetry, send them over to https://www.patreon.com/cydniey_buffers and let them liberate themselves of some pocket change every month in return for my naked, albeit, medicated creativity. NOTE: valid mailing addresses are required for all levels above $1 for right now until I can phase in more online rewards and phase out snail mailed tokens but for the upper levels. So, that's why you'll see that requirement.
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Songs of Innocence

Yes, it was going too well. The screen on the XP drone laptop has died. I have no way to run my web cam, or get data off the thing (without taking it apart, which I may yet do). The scanner issue is a matter of a parallel to USB adapter that I can order tomorrow, with the hope against hope that I can get the scanner to work with Windows 7. The webcam thing . . . well, I can build a stand for this laptop so I can focus the onboard cam on the floor where I paint, I'll mess with that tomorrow. If the scanner won't run on this machine, I am well and truly fucked until I learn how to cobble together a computer from the three towers that I have. This is a tragic end to what was a very good day, all things considered.

I only took one Seroquel last night, instead of two, because I had to be up early and I went to bed really late. And then I forgot to take my day meds. I should be a mess, but I'm doing really well. I did a lot today. Both around the house and on the computer. I mainly did promotion today. It is slowly working. I've come up with a winning set of hashtags and use them liberally.

Someone from some social network set up to discuss current events and politics has apparently been following my comments on Huffington Post, and wrote to me about them. How insightful, I would be perfect for their community, would I like to join? I swear, if I join another social networking site I'm likely to implode. I joined minds.com the other day because Anonymous backs it. All of your messages are encrypted, no targeted advertising, no search engines. Open source so it can only grow and improve. You earn points to promote your posts by interacting with the posts of other people, sharing, liking, what have you. So it actively encourages users to interact with each other. And did I mention that everything is encrypted? You can even have an anonymous account. No personal information that you don't want to give out. I think that was my last one for a while. They had a place where you could put all the links to your other social networks and I was appalled to see that I had accounts with all but one of them. Considering how anti-social I am.

There is a blog on my Patreon site. I will post on it when I do something artsy. Once I get patrons, some art blog entries will go only to them, but for now it's all open and hanging out. I'm trying to show that I am productive and worth an investment of a few dollars. Get in on the ground floor, I could go viral at any moment. An artist, writer, performer who takes her art and words directly from a debilitating mental illness and puts it on display for the world to look at and assess. With plenty of snark. Huffington Post doesn't know what it is missing. Or maybe Slate. Or Salon, they are a bit "click-baity", but I'll take it.

With what Amanda Palmer makes per thing (on Patreon, you have the choice of being paid per thing, or per month), enough for me to get teeth implants and pay my student loans off. I'm not aiming for that. I'd just like to have the money for materials and presents for my patrons. Most importantly, I want a fan base. I want to speak to people. I want to hear what they are going through and how they cope. I want to know what music they listen to. What poets. What news do they watch, do they watch news? One of the rewards for the $10 per month pledge is a phone call with me. I won't do Skype because, teeth. But a phone call is a big sacrifice and it took me a long time to decide to make that a premium.

Argh, I can't believe the drone died on me, that fucks my plans for the rest of the night. Pull cam footage off and make a video, then scan at least one diary. Maybe I can hook one of my monitors up to it. I'll look into that when I get up tomorrow. Doc is asleep now and it would make too much noise to mess with now.

I did everything around the house but dishes. And it's too late for that because sleeping Doc. I just made myself a new pot of coffee and refreshed my giant bottle of iced water and repacked my bowl. I'm ready to go another couple of hours, at least. And I only got two and a half hours of sleep last night. Sleep is the enemy. But I can't go along with the flow of productive insomnia anymore because of the Seroquel schedule. I can mess with it on Thursday nights. Those are my "party" nights. Doc is at work all night, and I don't have to be awake at any certain time the next day to get him up or anything, so I can take my Seroquel at dawn or shortly after and have the night to work. Late night, early mornings, I do my best work.

Time to go out into the hair dryer that is the desert at night with the hot breezes off the Mexican desert, what is it, the Sonoran desert? Like sitting under one of those head engulfing hair dryer machines when you were a kid and it would swallow the whole of your tiny body, surrounding it with a hot breeze that you couldn't wait to escape and return to the canned air conditioning and perm smell of the salon. But big. All consuming. We have an 8,000 sq. ft. lot. The house is only half of it. So that makes a big back yard for the winds to swirl and play inside the confines of the cinder block walls surrounding three sides of the yard. It blows my hair in every direction at once. It drives me nuts. I could never be on the open desert with my hair down, even if it was straightened. I don't like it in my face unless I am deliberately hiding behind it (stranger danger). I could never be a sexed up action star, I would never fight a foe with my damn hair in my face.