June 20th, 2015

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Oh, here's a game you can all play.

116 out. I'm not allowed out until 8 pm. I can probably get away with 7:30. With the photophobia is intense heat sensitivity. Sometimes I'm okay with it. Other times I vomit without warning, or faint. I have plenty to do in here.

I spent 4 hours last night and two today making graphics for my soundcloud uploads. Most people have just the one graphic for all of their releases, for brand recognition. I want name recognition. I don't swim that way. I make a different 800x800 picture with my name prominently on it for each piece uploaded to soundcloud. It takes me about a half hour for each. Most of the time spent is on which font to use.

So, I've finished with the dozen minumum that I needed. I can remaster those pieces now. Then I'll go back and do the other 30 odd graphic squares for another chunk of pieces that also need to be remastered. And I have to remember the 18 second clips so when I am done with soundcloud, I can schedule a month's worth of Clammr releases.

After that, it's a toss up. Read more Wordpress for Dummies, or work on scanning. Hell, that is hours away. I don't even need to think about that right now. That's just getting too far ahead of myself, which is a self-sabotaging behavior. I must think of my tasks in small, easily gnawed on pieces.

Oh, here's a game you can all play. I belong to a royalty free image sight. It has a great search engine on it, and I get awesome high-res photos from it, but I'm drawing a blank on searches. How about some suggestions? one or two words queries work best, I've found, the search algorithm is not all that sophisticated. Tod I've searched: gun; las vegas; san francisco; peru; cambodia; crazy and circus. And now I'm tapped out of ideas. So while I'm working, why not be a guy or a doll and think of a few things I could search for images for to make my graphics creation that much more easy on me. I have exhausted my collection of pictures that I have taken. So, it's stock photos to the rescue.
2013, cyd, new

I should eat something

I am so tired of my own voice. What I am really tired of is listening to the recordings of myself I have and now knowing what is technically wrong with them. And then there is my new found ability to look inside of a performance and see where I am holding back and how the piece is suffering for it.

And listening to Ani DiFranco's studio stuff is not helping me at all. Recorded under the best of conditions, remixed, remastered, post-produced and rehearsed to death.

I'll be the first to admit I was so eager to get something, anything recorded, and in those days, on to MySpace, that I didn't pay attention to production quality or rehearsing or quality of performance. Considering my theater-infused upbringing, I really phoned it in on the performances. I'll say it. Now I'm waiting for Doc to remember to get me stockings at the Dollar Store so I can construct a cheap but effective pop filter for my microphone without having to cut up any of my expensive tights.

I have a new resolve to practice reading these poems over and over and coaxing every nuance out of them and passing them along with my tone and expression. And only then will I press "record". The next batch has to be a run up to an EP. That is one of my goals at Patreon. I think my EP will be all the work dealing specifically with my schizophrenia. How is this for a title: "I Just Came From Round the Bend" (And Boy, is My Frontal Lobe Tired). The bit in parenthesis is optional, I always have to be a smart ass.

Amy Schumer lost points with me this week. She and Lena Dunham headed up some girl power thing. Whatever. Amy is another one I just can't bring myself to like. She hits some things right on the head, but most of the time her humor is right out of SNL, vague, elite-seeming (like everything is an inside joke, like we're all being RickRolled by her and her cohorts) and never ending. And I am unimpressed. Giving Lena more than her allotted 15 minutes, and giving her credence is just icky.

And it's not just the girls. Fallon is on my shit list. He has done some brilliant shit on the Tonight Show. But most of the stuff has been SNL extensions and it's really boring. SNL can't even do it well anymore, we don't need their graduates filling up the rest of the schedule with that crap. Plus Fallon has been big with the hosting of GOP Presidential Clowns and giving them a pass on their lies and propaganda, and that's not cool with me.

Yeah, I am in no mood to listen to more of myself tonight. I wanted to set up a month of Clammr, but it's not happening tonight. I should eat something.