June 18th, 2015

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My pharmacy company is on crack.

I've given you plenty of evidence to support the above hypothesis, and now, I have yet another story of dispensing medication dispensing policy while on crack. Remember back in February when I tried to get my 30 day Xanax script filled and they told me I had filled my limit of 30 day fills on that, and had to have a 90 day script. After many phone calls and much faxing, I finally got my 90 days worth of Xanax. That is gone now. When I was at the Doctor's office, I got a 90 day script for Xanax (the reasonable and common sense choice, after what happened in February). Doc took it to the pharmacy, which is a branch of my Pharmacy Overlords. After two days of calls and faxes, they would only fill 30 days worth. The very idea that they would give someone on such a high dose 90 days worth of them at once was completely ridiculous to them. Doc left with the 30 days worth, somewhat disillusioned. Now, in 20 days, I have to call and get Robin to get a new script for 30 more days to the pharmacy. What a bunch of crack heads!

The Thermostat Wars: When we moved in here, we got a notice from the electric company saying that our thermostat was part of a pilot program to conserve energy at peak times of the day, which would sometimes mean a rise of 3 degrees on our air conditioner during peak hours, 4-6pm. We have been trying everything to beat this. We keep our temp at 83, so you can imagine, going up to 86 is beyond unpleasant. Today I learned that at 4pm we have it programed to go up to 83 from 82. I also learned that the electric company's raise in temp occurs at 4:01pm. Tomorrow I will know this and plan accordingly.

We're getting a washing machine! Doc has finally had enough of crashing people's washing machines and has stashed enough money away to get us one. I don't need a dryer, I have plenty of places to hang clothes outside. It's greener that way.

Okay, getting droopy. If I'm going to have my bedtime snack, it's got to be now. Good night.
2013, cyd, new

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