June 12th, 2015

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Take some pride in yourself, man.

I'm staying up all night.

Last night, Doc and I sat together and went through a few boards on my pinterest account and picked out things to inspire me to paint things. We came up with a field of tulips, which I am going to recreate with acrylic paint and colored melted wax and a cutout of a windmill. And a grouping of three red topped with white dotted mushrooms indigenous to Scandinavia. With moss and a branch half buried in the moss. So those will be my next two. Just paint on my mushroom piece. No wax or glitter or silver powder. Well, maybe some silver powder to suggest a fairy visit.

Doc is very excited about my painting. And even if I don't feel like doing it, he talks to me about it, about my plan and my proposed layout for the background and how far am I going to go with the wax? And aren't I wasting crayons? No, I've had the crayons for over a decade, all the colors now available now are different. And I have a bunch that aren't Crayola, that can definitely be melted down. I've colored with the crayons, time to put them to a better use. It's better than ignoring them, as I have done for the past 5 years. He doesn't yet get that craft/art supplies are fluid to whatever use they are called for. Just think of all the strange things I've done with CDs and my Dremmel tool. Or my heat gun. That has been put through the ringer.

The cats found a lost water bug tonight. Water bug is the polite term for "sand roach". They are roaches of unusual size that are pale brown and live outside, hate it inside. I despise them. Teeny, Major, Boomer and Vader were chasing this thing around. I don't know if anyone actually got it. I just won't go into the kitchen until we move out. Once the things came around the back yard, the cats outside started killing them as fast as they found them, and left them in a pile in front of Doc's chair out on the patio. He doesn't appreciate their gifts enough.

I have a bowl of lizards. It's a terra cotta bowl that I tried to grow several things in, but failed. There is a blanket of dead sprouts over the dirt, and on top of that dirt is a perfectly preserved 6" lizard, lying in state. I have recently added two baby lizards. They look alive, they just don't move. So that is my bowl of lizards. Maybe a bit macabre, but I wouldn't do it if they decomposed instead of just mummified. The big lizard has been out there for 18 months.

I should have kept a pot of birds. Though it would be full already. And we're having an extended spring. It's only in the 90s here, we had a couple of days of triple digits, but they didn't trend. Down in the 70s at night. Open window weather at night. I don't know what this means, if we are in for a really hot summer that lasts well into September, maybe October, as it did last year, only getting chilly for Halloween week.

I gave Chewbacca a bath today. It's been about a year. He cleans himself like a cat, and I don't like to mess with his groove there. But Doc started complaining that he smelled, so into the bath he went. I forgot that when he gets out of the bath and gets dried off, he goes bananas, running all around the house, stopping in a skid on the carpet, running the other way, bouncing off Doc's prone body and zooming down the hall. He wanted to go out in the worst way, but our yard is dirt and dried, cut grass. No way, doggie friend.

He's out there now, hunting with Vader and Bagira.

The search for the NY escaped convicts: pretty sure they aren't in suburban Vegas, so not going to worry about it, no matter what CNN says. I will, however, continue to laugh uproariously at cops who do barrel rolls for no good reason, and wear white socks. They make sweat socks in black, available down your local Wal-mart. A couple more bucks a pack, but to avoid the humiliation of looking like Cliff from "Cheers" with your white white socks, it really is worth it. No one respects a man in a dark uniform and white sweat socks. Take some pride in yourself, man.
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