June 5th, 2015

2013, cyd, new

Ack, ending in a big Lena Dunham rant, I didn't expect.

So, the song that I'm currently obsessed with is "Chandelier", by Sia. Really, I think most of us could have seen this coming. Doc certainly did and said plainly that it terrified him. He is afraid of Sia. I adore her. I would love to do what she does, present with my back to the audience. Though, I would gesture more, that's just me. But she did it first. Do you have any idea how many versions of this song are on youtube? I think it would qualify as a "shit-tonne".

"Big bada boom" Guess what movie, that I know by heart, is on replay on BBCAmerica tonight? "Bada bIg boom!"

I need a cigarette.

Actually, what I really need is a coffee. And if I could figure out how to get there, I would go to the corner store and get a cup. The coffee maker melted down. It won't hold water anymore. You pour it in and it comes right out. From everywhere at once. It is dead. It is an ex-coffee maker. Now, if someone had gotten me a French press, this wouldn't be such an issue, but alas! And Doc is asleep finally, after a day of trying to sleep. So I'm not disturbing him for anything below "fire" or "duck".

Chewy has built a fort out of my pillow and blanket and he is hiding in there like a cat, thinking he is slick, with his butt sticking out. He mews now. He doesn't whine or whimper, he mews. I'm not kidding about this Transfeline thing. He is acting just like them. To the point of no longer chasing Billy Bob Brian Zeus. And it just kills him, but he just lies there all chill like the other cats while BBBZ eats the food I put out for him, and then cleans himself and stretches. Though it pains him, Chewy is cool, like Fonzie. When it's "cat swarm mommy time", Chewy has started sneaking into it any way he can, and he has taken to sneaking onto my lap and laying down like Boomer, and Felix do, so I don't even notice for a while. It's chilling.

It's okay if I don't like Lena Dunham, right? I have reasons. I don't find her clever. She was out of step and rude when she appeared on The Graham Norton Show in the UK. Her book kind of sucks. Her show is really um, horrid. I don't identify with her at all. I see where she can be seen as being "edgy", but to me she always seems to be trying too hard and just missing the mark. And I won't lie, I know it is colored by my own past, but that thing with her sister? Yeah, creeps me out. For example, the underwear picture, why say you're going to put on boots and go to dinner? Why not put the boots on for the picture and show yourself on your way to dinner? A cheeky shot going down the stairs? She seems to always just be reaching. I just don't like her. I guess I don't get her. Maybe I'm too old and I expect too much of an icon-in-the-making. Or maybe I'm too fucking punk and I see right through the trendy bitch's use of shock to suck fame out of the vulnerable and misunderstood.