May 12th, 2015

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2013, cyd, new

Good Night

Yeah . . . went on Twitter to plug, "Get the Girl", and that was it today. I didn't stop to read my time line. I just posted the link, hashtagged the shit out of it and left. According to my email, no one forwarded it along. According to Soundcloud, no one listened to it. I'm just . . . flummoxed.

Oh, and J has actually been reading all of my outbursts on Facebook, so I have to knock that shit right off. She's trying to get Doc interested in her company's products for me. "I read she wasn't eating, and I have this great nutritional supplement she should try." The wrap things she sells that dissolve fat up to 72 hours after application and removal, comes 4 to a box, and costs the same as an hour of professional recording studio time. Where do you think my priorities are? Yeah. And both are financially out of reach, so the issue is really quite moot. Just a curious stat.

Thanks and a massive shout out to Leprosy for helping me with a pop filter for my mic. Doc is on a mission to get me some - ick - stockings, and I have the wire set-up ready to become one with my mic. Then it's just a matter of what I am going to record, and getting it edited if it isn't, and printing it out. I think I might be working on an EP. A full length LP is a little much of my angst and fury and mixed metaphors.

I wanted to paint Stick today, but the wind never calmed down. I guess I will do it inside tomorrow. The winds were 50 today, will be 30 tomorrow. Spring is a bitch here, no wonder we usually skip it. Some irresponsible git started a Twitter rumor that it was headed into the triple digits this weekend, which was an absolute lie. It's actually cooling down and getting stormy. Triple digits means that we have committed to summer, there is no going back, and you'd better have your desert plants in the ground already. We only have 7 lawns on our whole block, both sides of the street. One place with a lawn, I suspect is an artificial lawn because I've never seen him mow it or water it. The rest if desert landscaping.

The place if you go left out of my driveway and to the end of the street, the house on the corner, cute in itself, a small ranch house with a FABulous desertscape with a wooden bridge crossing an empty creek bed. And they have all manner of exotic desert plants surrounding, obscuring the retaining wall between it and the sidewalk. Because it is about three feet higher than the sidewalk. I take tons of pictures of this house at all times of day, and will one day put them together and post process them. The guy who moved in there doesn't seem to mind the attention I pay his house with my cameras. He's said hi to me a couple of times, and I got all flustered. He has a classic mustang in the side yard that I have taken multiple pictures of while it was still on the driveway.

There is a house over on Vet's street, or Vet's Wife's place, Vet passed away, he had a massive stroke. We went to visit and Margaret was so relieved because she didn't know how to get a hold off us. She gave us a couple of nice cat carriers, and a larger humane trap than the one we have, so we can catch/neuter/release, as Vet did when he was alive. There is a Fereal Cat Rescue that does C/N/R with vouchers so it isn't expensive. We will carry on his work. He never had any luck with Billy-Bob-Brian-Zeus, Brown Scruffy Cat, Ginger Stripey Cat, or baby Ragdoll who runs wild so much, she is quickly turning feral. He always thought we would be able to catch them and get them treated.

But the house on Vet's street. They have done their downward lawn in four steppes. On these steppes they have beautiful bouquets of spring flowers in Terra Cotta pots. It is amazing and I haven't gotten my camera over there yet.