April 28th, 2015

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Announcement Type Thingy

There is a new app for iOS (later this year for Android) called "Clammr" (no typo, no "e"). It has podcasts and indie music, and, as of last night, my humble poetry, remastered and posted on Soundcloud specifically for this project. The gimmick with Clammr is that you don't surf the content as usual, by description or picture of the band/podcaster/whatever, you surf by soundbytes. They have a continually refreshing stream of 18 second soundbytes, created by the artists especially for Clammr. They can be excerpts from the music/podcast/whatever, or special messages from the artists to the listeners. If there is more content than the 18 second clip, there will be a "Hear More" button, and you can click that and go directly to the piece on whatever hosting service the artists have chosen.

That's about as clear as I can be. I don't have iOS and they don't have a web portal up yet. They have the site for the performers to upload and manage their accounts, but the rest of it is only available at the AppStore for now.

Do me the biggest favor, If you get curious and decide to try it out to maybe find more music or listen to me quick before they figure out I'm just a poet, and you download it to your device, post a screen cap for me? Pretty-please? I want to see what it looks like. And I would love a review.

Musicians and podcasters, get in touch with me and I'll hook you up with the information to get in on this if you want another place to hang your shingle.

There is no cost for any of this, the App, or being an involved talent.
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Trying out the "Art of Asking"

I have a big, ginormous favor to ask of one of you lucky bastiges.

If you have an Apple iDevice that has room for one more teensie-weensie app, would you, pretty please with pineapple and sprinkles and real whipped cream on top, go to the AppStore and download the "Clammr" app and give it a go. Then, just one more bit: take a screen shot and post it here, and if you get curious and do give it a go, please tell me a little about it. Like, did you hear anything by me? Is it easy to use? Is it a complete waste of my time as an artist? Was Doc right and it is horrendous with the 18 second sound bytes?

I would really, really appreciate this. Like the lizards appreciate when I bring the cats in during the hunting hours. And if you know anything about lizards, you know their gratitude knows no bounds.

Thank you in advance. I just can't wait for the Android app to see this thing. I've started contributing work, which is no easy task (I have to pick 18 second chunks out of each poem I want to promote and remaster the whole piece), and I would love, love, love an outside opinion.

As a pre-thank you, I leave you with two candid images I found today:

Why I don't wear make-up. I do this compulsively throughout the day.

I couldn't even begin to say what the ever loving fuck this is about.