March 13th, 2015

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My tweets

  • Thu, 13:11: Go away twitterbots. Stop swarming my follows. I'm not going to follow any of you, now go on, get!
  • Thu, 15:33: RT @LKrauss1: The Large Hadron Collider is back online @CERN! What secrets of nature await to be uncovered? An exciting time.
  • Thu, 15:41: Everything You Need to Know About Tom Cotton, the Man Behind the GOP's Insane Letter to Iran
  • Thu, 15:56: It's the fine cloud of blood mist when the bullet hits that lets you know how high or low quality the movie is.
  • Thu, 16:02: RT @randyprine: 240,000 signature+counting. We thought it had been shut down but evidently we are overworking the site! #47Traitors https:/…
  • Thu, 16:03: Yes, I signed and then retweeted a petition. This is important to every one in the US. So that RT WAS a ringing endorsement.
  • Thu, 21:48: The "Free-range Chicken" @GEICO commercial is my favorite piece of advertising, EVER.
2013, cyd, new

Bagira says it's all right

I went to sleep late last night, knowing that I could sleep in. It is the beginning of Doc's weekend. I got up at 8:30 and he was making something to eat. Then he went to sleep. Then I lay down and went to sleep. I got up at 2pm.

Oh, quick, pop quiz: Bagira is stretched out in the comfy chair outside, what is the relative temperature? Didn't know I'd be testing you on this stuff, did you?

Doc and I went over the Cars as Line Art pictures, and agrees with me that the Veyron is just not meant for line art. He also noticed that I didn't spend the same amount of time tweaking the color and texture with the Veyron as I did with the Clipper. The Clipper series was taken at a high enough resolution that I can easily have them printed out as posters. I know of a few places online that would do it.

I want take out so badly today. I think Doc said something about having a bit of spare money this week, and he asked me last night if I wanted bacon cheese burgers, which I declined.

I signed up for Clammr last night. But something went wrong. At no point was I prompted to create a password, and I ca go no further now. I need a password. So I'm song to email E later and see if she can't work out where I went astray. I may have missed a window or something. A pop-up or something.

I don't know what to do for my picture, though. It's 100x100, so it has to be simple. I can't even begin to think of what I'll use. Maybe I'll put on a wig and big sunglasses.

Okay, I think I've run out of things to say. Back outside to bask in the afternoon sunlight sneaking under the roof over the patio.