March 12th, 2015

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And Doc has no one to take it out on, but me.

I talked to Doc about that opportunity to be one of the first spoken artists on the app I told you guys about. I explained to him that its point is to play 18 second chunks of sound, while giving the listener the chance at any time to stop and listen to a whole piece. Doc's comment?

"That sounds horrible."

So, we're not working at 100% support here. Why does he have to belittle everything artistic that I try to do? He'll buy me the materials, but after that, he doesn't want to know anything about it. He keeps thinking a painting he likes in our living room is by Kelli and it is actually by me. But he always thinks it's been done by Kelli. He doesn't like my usual art.

That went down about 8:15. I took my meds and went to bed at 8:30. He just woke up and yelled at me for having the TV on at a volume I couldn't hear. It's going to be a great day, I can tell all ready.

And I blame B. He won't fix the scooter unless Doc buys a whole new engine. Doc can't buy a whole new engine. B put the scooter in his back yard, the only access to which is through his house. So Doc has no scooter. The scooter Doc bought from him as a backup? It needs a new lock set. The one that Doc bought "worked the first couple of times and then just stopped working" according to B. Doc asked if he has filed down any rough edges on the keys that might interfere and B flipped out, yelling that he didn't have time for shit like that and he needed Doc to buy him a new lock set. Doc explained he just bought B a new lock set, so B had better make it work. Meanwhile, B has likely destroyed the lock set or put it into one of his own bikes. This is just a cluster fuck. Doc can't go anywhere but work, and that at great peril, ticket-wise.

And Doc has no one to take it out on, but me.
2013, cyd, new


I am sandwiched in between Simon and Chewbacca on my couch. In an hour I wake Doc up. I still don't know if I'm speaking to him. I wasn't before he went to sleep. I'm hurt by what he said last night, but I don't want to talk about it. I don't know, I think I'm over it. He's not interested unless it involves money coming in as a direct result, and that isn't a part of it. So . . .

You can usually tell the outside temp by looking at the outside cat, Bagira. if it is really cold or windy, he is curled up on the folding chair with all the throw pillows. If it is50-ish, he is curled up on the comfy chair. Anything over 60, he stretches out in the comfy chair. And if we get past 75, he can be found laying on the cool concrete in front of the sliding glass door. He is now stretched out in the comfy chair.

I just signed up for Clammr, the app (If you have iOS, grab it from the App Store, it's called Clammr Radio) I've been talking about. I'm waiting to get my password, and then learn how to upload pieces, and all such stuff.

The coolest thing is, I can put up outtakes and little ramblings as well as complete poems. I'm pretty much unlimited. And it links back to for the whole pieces. So I can suck them in. I need more content. Some, I can link to the videos on youtube. I'm waiting to receive a password so I can listen to some others and upload my own content.

Doc got that I needed alone time. Like, 8 hours of it. I needed him to go to work. I didn't even need to tell him. See, it's things like that, that make me suspicious of his demands that I over-explain things to him. He is very intelligent and very intuitive. He's just being difficult. I would understand if he were doing it to keep me anchored in reality, but that isn't his goal, he's just being difficult. Oh, I just said that. Heh. I'm not even on Seroquel right now.

Boomer has shown Felix and Major that the back of my couch is a good place to stretch out and leave your paws hanging out. Major actually has his tucked in right now.

KOENIGSEGG - could take the place of my Bugatti love. Made in Sweden, how could I not love it? MMMMMmmmmsupercar.