March 11th, 2015

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2013, cyd, new

Another opportunity presents itself

I got an email from an unknown person yesterday, we'll call her E. Something about the subject line made me open it up. E introduced herself, called me by name, and stated that she had been trying to email me for a bit. I felt bad because I had probably ignored her emails as spam. She had a proposal for me.

She and other creative tech minds have created an app. It feeds the user 18 second snippets of sound. Music, podcast, spoken word (which she complimented mine, big points). Then the user has the opportunity at any time to stop the snippets and hear an entire piece. It's on iOS now, will be on Android later this year (which is what Doc has got), and has a temporary web portal for artists to sign up and upload content until the Android app is ready.

E asked me, would I be interested in adding my spoken word to this endeavor? Hell Yes!

I wrote her back immediately, a very enthusiastic email, that yes, I was oh, so interested in expanding my work to a mobile audience. So, tonight, after chores, I'm going to go to their temporary web portal and checking this all out.

But, should I take chunks out of the middle of my pieces, or use the first 18 seconds? I'm partial to taking random 18 second samples out of the middle of the pieces.

Once the app is on Android, I can put it on Doc's phone and make little 18 second messages to my listeners, or little hiakus.

I just wanted to say that. I'll likely write more later. Oh, and there is no money involved, I don't have to pay for participating or anything.