February 17th, 2015

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2013, cyd, new

So, I wait for the albino lizard.

Boomer has lost weight. And not in a bad way, either. When we got her, she came from a hoarder situation, from her month in small, cage-like spaces, we assumed she was kept in a cage and pretty much left to glut on canned food, which gave her mild dental disease. This is the stuff the girl at the adoption center and I talked about, I pried all the information about Boomer out of her, even stuff the adoption agency didn't want her to tell me. But it was important that I know if she came from the streets or a loving home, or what.

What wasn't mentioned was her fear of men. She wants to go to Doc, she's not like Major, who is just a mommy's boy. She wants to like him, Doc meows at her and talks to her like I do. Yes, I understand that their comprehension of English (or whatever native language) is really low, but I still talk to them like they're little people (no, not Smurfs). It teaches them to pay attention and it helps them learn the meaning behind certain tones.

Chewbacca has no clue what I am saying to him as we cuddle at bedtime and I profess my love for him and adoration of him. But he knows the tone and what it means, and he always cuddles closer and usually starts licking my arm. They also know Angry Tone. They don't take mine seriously. When I tell Felix to get off the counter, he treats it as a debate, with Major as his spokesperson. He'll sit down, and Major, on the floor where he belongs, will start meowing at me, trying to distract me while Felix tries casually to climb into the overhead cabinet where we keep the softened butter. It's a fun game. I have to admit that I was taken in by this a couple of times. Until one time, Felix slipped on a stack of custard cups and alerted me to where he had gone.

It's not officially spring, yet. My albino lizard has not come out of his eave yet. I've been watching for him all week. But there is not yet enough food for him flying around yet. A couple of the flies have come out of their weird, zombie fly thing and landed on me looking for food. And there was a bee awake. It seemed so confused. Because while we have new growth, no flowers have come of it yet. Just the desert flowers up the street that had about three weeks off before it came roaring back, while the temps were still low. Crazy flowers. So, I wait for the albino lizard.