February 16th, 2015

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2013, cyd, new

Starting with the Super Mega Mental Health Art Project

I've talked it over with Kelli, a real artist, and she hasn't laughed outright at me. Doc phases out of the description/explanation about halfway through and doesn't at all get it. So it's art. Or it will be.

I updated my amazon wishlist with the materials I yet need. Unfortunately, this project will only be about 20% repurposed items. The rest I actually have to buy. Once I added in the labels, shit, I forgot to add printer ink, because this project will wipe out what I have. I'll do that when I'm done here. Anyway, it's going to take longer than anticipated to gather said items. I get $30 fun money per month. So, putting all of that toward the materials, it should take me about 6 months to get a hold of them.

I've decided that instead of investing in a selfie stick that I can strap to a cat, I will use the drone laptop to use the cam to capture my working on it in the studio. The time limit being stretched, I can take my time with cleaning up the studio and getting it ready to spend the summer in. And start working on my Artist Statement and come up with an explanation of the deeper things behind this, the dark humor and absolute sarcasm it should be approached with.

And when I decide to sell it, unless I get some ungodly offer from some rich schizophrenic that really gets it, I want to sell it piecemeal. Each piece will be numbered. I will start at a random number.

I haven't tweeted much the last couple of days. The invisibility got me down. I don't even feel like joining conversations to be snarky. And I don't feel like RTing anyone. Because they don't RT me. So I've just been reading it for the articles instead of the drama.
2013, cyd, new

No, I'm not over. I am just coming into my own.

I'm so over twitter right now that I have my filter completely off and am tweeting whatever psychotic shit pops into my head.

182 hits to The Page. No emails from readers, yet. If someone goes on through to one of the lettered pages, it's either "a' or "x". The fun ones are under "r" and "t". the dirty ones under "s", and "b". People need to be more curious. As school comes to an end, more people may find themselves interested in a time killer.

Chance to have your name in the credits on the accompanying CD or DVD. I'd be into it.

I posted a picture I took on that page, to give the slightest hint that it will have something to do with medication. That's two hints. Mental illlness/health and pill bottles. That's all they are getting.

Maybe my poetry is just really off-putting, and I have no idea because no one has told me to my face. The people who bother with it, tell me they like it for various reasons and reminding them of various people. They could all be full of shit, but I don't think so. There's stuff there from my performance days, stuff that I know is good. Stuff that won me slams and in one case got me paid.

No, I'm not over. I am just coming into my own.