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i woke up at three thirty after getting up with doc and nodding off at eleven this morning. i took my meds and went right back to bed. now i'm up and i'm all disoriented. i'm trying to work on a new collection of poetry and i just can't find my attention span.

i need to empty the vacuum. doc has a saran wrap suction belt thing going on on the exterior. i need to figure that out. the canister warped a bit when too close to a fire this winter. we learned to keep everything away from the fireplace. so the thing he rigged made the vacuum work better than it did before it got warped. i just don't know the removal procedure. and the vacuum is staring at me, taunting. mother fucker. hee.

i have this thick file of typed and hand written poems that i need to input into this computer of doom. and i don't wanna . . .

i should put my lights up first. that way i don't have to turn the big one on. no, doc has to be here for that. alright then, reading aloud of poetry to see if it makes sense to me. it never makes sense to others. well, rarely. sometimes someone gets it. but only when it's read out loud.

if i did a podcast of spoken word, say work from "stop poking me lady", would you download it? because i'm really thinking about doing the podcast thing.

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