December 28th, 2014

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2013, cyd, new

Space out much?

Oh shit, I didn't realize it had been three full days since I posted. Wow. So anyway. We've been sleeping a lot. Then we've been awake, eating take out and watching movies. Then we would sleep more. That was Xmas and the past few days. Doc got his day off, it was a day he normally had off, so I'm not quite sure why they made such a big deal to him about it.

Tomorrow, another battle in our War With CVSCaremark will begin. They will not want to honor a refill for the script I just finished in half the time it was written for because they wouldn't change my medication therapy when my Doctor told them to. So, I'm out of the med, my anti-psychotic, one that I REALLY need to not lapse on, and we have to try and get them to cover more because, frankly, we don't have the hundreds of dollars that 30 days' worth would cost. The motherfuckers don't have a verified Twitter account, so I can't get some sort of human to escalate this right off the bat and skip a few levels of the game.

Other than that, nothing much is going on. The free 120 minutes I got for Xmas are gone. I spent them talking to Kelli. Totally worth it. I regret nothing.

I think I'm going to watch the TV horror show that is Meet The Press and eat an apple fritter and go to bed.

Good night.