December 20th, 2014

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Only in America

Okay, the MSM i slowly letting it fade, with this Sony business. But there was torture, people! Torture that we executed Japanese soldiers for performing on our soldiers after WWII. Same stuff, maybe a little rougher on our side. We all saw the pictures from Abu Gahrib. And we were assured it was a one off. It obviously was not. It was systematic. Prisoners were brutalized, humiliated, and treated worse than animals. And we're all just going to let that go? What the fuck kind of people are we? This is not the America I know, not the America I grew up in. The leaders that I voted for would never have done this.

And the fucking right wing is justifying it! Even hard core liberals are trying to justify it. THERE IS NO JUSTIFICATION FOR A CIVILIZED SOCIETY TO ENGAGE IN TORTURE. None. Obviously Obama has thought this out and can't see a way to keep the country together and punish the war criminals responsible, but someone has to punish them. Can't we just hand them over to the Hague? Just a personnel transfer. Nice cushy flight to Europe.

And the protests against institutionalized racism continue and grow, as the cops continue to murder African American men and go free. When is someone besides Al "I can use this to further my career" Sharpton going to stand up with and FOR the protesters and work with them. When will the murders stop? I can't believe they continue as the country protests in the thousands. Writing articles about the leaders coming out of the movement is great, but doesn't really do anything to help the cause.

I'm really sic over the torture thing. I've been reading a lot about Viet Nam's travesties, and saying to myself, "at least we're not like that anymore," but we are like that. The people in charge . . . it's not that they think they are impervious to law, it's that they are sociopaths and sadists.

If one just observed the planet through the news of America, they would just slit their wrists rather than live in such a place as this has become.

I have a lot of mental health advocates on my TL in twitter. And I'm beginning to find them quaint in their calls for more attention to be given to mental health. That is so low on the list of society's problems right now. It shouldn't be, but in reality it is. We just don't have time for it. A new thing pops up every three or four days that dominates everything until the next thing comes up. And even when that thing involves mental illness, that part of it remains quiet, swept under the rug.

Is it because so many of our elected officials are mentally ill, so that's really the biggest taboo in our society? People don't want to know about it because they are afraid they may have it? That's just stupid. Would you feel the same way about breast or colon cancer? No, you'd want to know and start treating that fucker as aggressively as possible. Mental Illness is the same thing, except you also make all the people around you miserable if you are untreated. And if you have violent tendencies, bad bad things can happen.

Like a devout Mormon can become a contractor for the government and with the help of another, create the most insidious torture plan our country has known since last our own troops were tortured. Only in America.
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Over the Voices - A Short Slam Piece

I'm tired of mourning people I don't know.
I'm tired of waiting for "all the information".
I'm sick of the "unbiased" reports.
This is my holiday.
I took it away from my birthers last year,
And I'll be damned if I'm giving it to you.
I am nothing, after all, if not an isolationist.
I care to much
I empathize too deeply
To keep it going right now.
I have something infinitely more important
Than white privilege.
I have the privilege of being mentally ill.
That gets me out of reality.
Deaths of the innocent
Then marching and protests
Then more deaths
Then some revenge
And can we know about torture, please?
And could you bomb Gaza,
Just one more time?
This is not the reality I signed on for.
And it's not a reality I'm staying for.
As someone tweeted today,
"This is just not a hill I'm willing to die on."
This reality
This hill
It's not for me.
It's crazy time.
Call me selfish.
Call me spoiled.
I can't hear you
Over the voices in my head.