November 17th, 2014

2013, cyd, new


You got the answers mister?
Yeah, you with the Big Scary Book
And sharp judgements.
Are the answers yours?
Well, tell me something . . .
Who's a girl got to blow around here
To get a Ticket To Heaven?
I played your Bible Games
And stayed awake in Somber Classes,
But I can't stop hurting myself. . .
Waking up in Strangers' beds,
Praying to That God you
Introduced me to as a girl,
That the Strangers will Love Me
Completely . . . This Time.

Okay mister, I'll tell you my Secrets
Since you Promised to give me The Key.
I'll spill it all, here's my soul all
Young, Naked, and Nubile . . .so
Where's the Road To Paradise?

Why are you looking at me in
That Weird Way that I don't
Have the Good Sense to run from?
Do I really Have To answer that:
"Did you enjoy it? How much?"
Does God really need to know?
I'M not even sure, really . . .
That gaping Hole in myself
Still yawns with bitterness
That I am just Too Young for.

Hold it a minute Mister, your
Face is getting all Red and I'm Sure
God already knows the Details . . .
I don't feel so Good now, I
Think I shoould Go, okay? . . .
You know, that's All Right,
Somehow Your Forgiveness isn't
So Meaningful anymore, who are
You, anyway? . . .To Look at me
Like That? . . . Let me Go.

(c)1998 Cydniey Buffers
2013, cyd, new

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