November 13th, 2014

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2013, cyd, new

400 Bucks

I am effectively alone. no pets on my couch, Doc is at work. It's just me on my little island. But oh my god! My playlist is KILLING me! It's all barbiturates and razor blades playing. I've never pressed "next' so often in the history of my play list. I can't listen to Songs of Innocence because, as I anticipated, as I start to come out of my "out sick" period, I want nothing to do with it. I associate it with being out sick.

This is day two of double the meds. I was useless this morning. Didn't even wake up until 9. I don't even remember this morning. I know that I couldn't face going out of the house and around the block with the dog at 4, so I asked Doc to take him at noon. He did. That was a huge weight off my shoulders. While I get used to the increased dosages, my brain chemistry will be a bit, um, shall we say, fucked? Yes, fucked is the right term.

But the smurfs and the Shadow Man and his corresponding voice are gone. It will take some time to assimilate to the dopey feeling of the Seroquel, which will last into the day after I wake up, now. I may have to start walking the dog in the morning to wake myself up in the cool air. he's got a sweater. and i've got enough ebay money to get him a hoodie, his ears get so cold.

I had salmon and cheese stix for dinner. the salmon was great. there was nothing for the menagerie but the skin, which i cut into small pieces and distributed to the throngs of fur surrounding my legs.

You know, I love listening to the German language, except in Der Komissar. They make it sound icky in that song. Why is it even on my play list? Doc was scrolling through it the other day and mocking me. I'm not ashamed of my weird musical tastes.

I have heard rumors of a Gaga/Bennett xmas special at Rockefeller Center this year. Oh, I hope it's real and televised. They have such chemistry when the perform together. And Gaga at the holidays makes me happy.