November 10th, 2014

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  • Sun, 17:19: RT @JonCG: Actually laughing... RT @enniscath: "um, Dr Schrodinger? I opened the box and, well... we may have a problem"
  • Sun, 17:28: RT @LArtra: Viking Wisdom: The shame you cannot lift away, you had better let lie.
  • Sun, 18:23: RT @seanjjordan: But you don't have to go out to #Ferguson to help. I put together a list of 10 things you can do from afar. Try 'em! http…
  • Sun, 18:29: #WhitePrivilege is being shocked and annoyed when with a friend of color and being stopped and frisked while he just goes with it.
  • Sun, 18:33: #WhitePrivilege is being able to walk around a gated neighborhood without getting shot.
  • Sun, 18:36: I am engaged by employees at boutiques and art galleries. #WhitePrivilege
  • Sun, 19:13: #WhitePrivilege Being able to see my "ideal" in any women's magazine or ad.
  • Sun, 19:14: #WhitePrivilege Being able to "identify" automatically with nearly every TV and media person.
  • Mon, 07:41: The FIRST thing you do on a Monday morning is listen to Front 242's "Headhunter" as loud as you possibly can. Everything falls into place.
  • Mon, 08:16: I have become convinced that Windows Media Player has achieved a sort of sentience and can read my moods. Well played, Microsoft.
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