October 22nd, 2014

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2013, cyd, new

For entertainment he plays on the roof next door.

My computer just freaked the fuck out. It was in password locked sleep mode and it started beeping. I was on the other side of the room, doc was asleep on the couch and no cats were near it. At first I thought it was the TV beeping, but then a commercial came on and the beeping continued. It went on for about three minutes. When I finally figured out it had to be the laptop, I went over to it. It was still locked but the screen was awake and there was a pop-up box asking me if I wanted to assign "file keys". Having no idea what that is, I clicked "no".

I just got into it and everything seems fine. Was someone trying to hack me? Why would it start going off like that in sleep mode? Weird shit, man.

The rest of the day has been normal. I slept through most of it. Then I cleaned and stuffed cigarettes. Now I'm just waiting to wake doc up.

The Ferret Flu has less of a grip on me today.

Vader's leg is doing much better. He took his wrap off and refused to move with a head cone on, so the wrap stays off and he stays in the house to keep him from jumping off the roof for a while. the swelling is completely gone and he barely has a limp. The rest of the brood remains healthy. Leeloo has started removing her mattes. Simon has completed removing his, and is half bald, but still a fuzzy. Bagira was spraying on random stuff in the house, so we (he and I) decided he would be happier as an outside cat. So I've been keeping up with keeping fresh food and water outside. It's working, he doesn't even want to come in. He just stays on the porch. For entertainment he plays on the roof next door.