September 17th, 2014

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2013, cyd, new

She wanted for nothing.

Kelli came up with an alternate theory about Evie's death that I hadn't thought of but is perfectly plausible, she got bit by the black widow I've been battling on the patio. i looked up the symptoms, and they matched hers. tomorrow I am spraying down all corners of the patio and undersides of tables and chairs out there. that spider is not getting another one of my cats.

There was a vast hole in the back yard today. Chewy kept waiting by the wall for her to come home. Every time I caught a glimpse of Vader, I thought it was her. Then, at sundown, Billy-Bob-Brian-Zeus, my punk rock stray, came by. he even moved closer to me while i was sitting there smoking. I fed him and then went in so he could feel safe to eat. His head has gotten larger than his body, i need to be better about feeding him.

It was so sudden, two days. I don't know how I knew she was going to die, but I did. When I heard her howls out back, I just knew. And if doc hadn't found her and brought her home, I never would have seen her again. As it is, I got to cuddle her and pet her and tell her how much i love her. My fabulous queen Evie. This was all meant to be. she followed us home a year and a half ago. This time was for us. She wanted to be with us. And we made the best home for her that we could. She wanted for nothing.