August 25th, 2014

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ouch or whatever.

I made a bunch of these: out of brightly colored file folders I have left over from an old job. The only difference is that I plan to use mine in my smash book, so I need to punch holes in it and my hole punch can't handle the thickness, so I "bound" the back with black duct tape, extending out over the edge, so I just need to poke holes in that. It will also add to the cohesion of the book when it's done.

I found a whole other stash of hand made paper to use in it. I may have enough for two raw books. All the better because I have a lot of ideas for covers. I spent most of my free time last night looking at smash book and art journal covers. I have less of a clue as to what I'm going to put into these books. I have some ideas of painting experiments on the handmade paper and collages and paint on the pre-printed paper I plan on using. And a rough thought of making one about mental illness. All the journals I see are about travel or God or joy or bliss or things to do or some such shit. I was thinking of something more "real".

AAAGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Total cat mommy freakout! The swelling in Simon's face, of course was a huge pocket of pus and blood and it burst and drained through his eye just now. He let me blot off the drippy stuff and clean out his eye, but tried to kill me when i got down to cleaning off his fur. so half his face is all matted with blood. call animal control on me now. he's in a much better mood, though. he's laying in his favorite spot in the hallway, not hiding in my bedroom. he's eaten two cans of food today. he will probably lose vision in that eye. this sucks.

my tooth is infected again. i don't even want to talk about it. my face isn't matted with blood. i don't even care. ouch or whatever.
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Oso Alert

I just got an email from Home Again, the pet microchip service, and Oso is missing. We haven't seen him. That sucks. He hasn't come here. He probably got taken in by someone else. At least I know now that his family really does care about him.
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I won't have forever to do it.

Stupid dog ran away, dug his way out . . . maybe he'll find Oso. I was going to go to bed. I'm beat for some reason. Trimming is hard work, and I swear Doc fed that second plant LSD while I wasn't looking. The branches were wound all around each other, there were buds in weird places. Strangeness. Intense work.

Okay, dog is back. But Teeny got out. But she's in the back yard, and she doesn't leave there. And I'll let Vader out before I lay down to keep an eye on her tonight. Silly animals.

Yeah, all of these art journals with their lace and their joy and happiness and birds and hearts and hope make me ill. mine will be something a bit darker. Not this "Every day is a holiday" bullshit. Silly animals.

Wow, Lelu just curled up next to me. That's rare. I'd better put this laptop down and pet and cuddle her now. I won't have forever to do it.