August 6th, 2014

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I picked myself up, cursing like a drunken sailor with a heart break.

I had this whole list of things i wanted to write about . . . and then Simon happened and they all shot out of my head. I picked up Lelu's food bowl and turned around to offer Simon a bite. Simon had been on the feeding table. What was there was a HUGE puddle of drool and Simon's collar. I went into my room and found him, on my bed, with his tongue hanging out. Much to my peril, I gently grabbed him and opened his mouth. While he was dismembering my right hand, I didn't see any sores or swollen bits or blood. He's just soaking wet with drool, doesn't want me to pet him, and is hiding under my bed. And now that's all I can think about (besides the gaping wound in my thumb, compliments of Simon).

We're going to have to take him to the vet and he's going to bite her and she's going to sue us. He just, still, get's too vicious when you try to examine him. He was under sedation for his last physical. They might have to sedate him just to get him to let her examine him. ugh.

I told you I figured out the alarm on my phone last night, yes? Well, what I managed to find, since there is no alarm, is a timer. so I set it for 6 hours and took a Seroquel and went to bed. On Seroquel, if I stay awake, I don't feel drunk, but I act drunk. So when the timer went off at 3am, it took me five full minutes of horrid noise to turn it off. Then, I slammed into the entry way wall (which means I veered off my path straight down the hallway) and bounced into the opposite wall and ended up across the hall again, slamming into my bathroom door, which only looked closed, and fell through it. I picked myself up, cursing like a drunken sailor with a heart break. I finally made it to do my errand for doc and made it back to the couch without further incident. Where I slept like the dead until 6:33am. Then I got up and waited the few minutes for doc to get home.

I made my patio video. I put a lot of work into it, more than any other so far. This is the first video I shot for that I did it expressly to be edited for this project. usually, I just use what I have on hand and edit it together. This time, it was intentional. Doc laughed at the music, but I really like it. A lot of animals are featured in it in cameo roles. I get my music at - they are the greatest. for personal use on youtube, the music is all FREE! all i have to do is not monetize those. No problem. I've only monetized a few of my videos and it isn't like i'm getting paid from youtube. people have to watch you to make money.

Wow, there are videos on there that I don't remember making. And some that should be redone. I'm such an amateur.

Simon has come out into the living room. So he's ambulatory. He won't come to me, but I don't blame him, he was pretty vicious with me and based on his history will expect me to be mad at him. Which I'm not. Of course. And of course, while I'm calling Simon to me, good ol' brain damaged Major comes up and starts pawing at me to pet him. So Simon huffed off in a jealous puff of fur. I'll ask Doc to get him some soft food on the way home tomorrow.

Chewy dug a big hole in the back yard, i think i mentioned that . . . tonight he made it bigger and then lay down in it. And stayed there the entire time we were outside. Teeny gave him her cork, but he's not allowed to chew on it. So it's right next to him and he is staring at it longingly. He's such a good dog.

I'm not tired. I did take a nap today. I did actually find an alarm on my phone. apparently someone had found it before, there were some set. You have to understand how primitive my phone is. It has a 1" x 1" screen. No SD card, no games. 1-0 keypad 5 "control" buttons. I can't even text with it. I use doc's phone to text Kelli all day. Doc and I can't text, so he gmails me from work or when he's out shopping and has a question.

i'm convinced that people keep creating sports that are more and more violent and stupid are only doing it to make more to bet on.

There goes Freddie, the blue sparkly ball siren.

One of the online rags I read is buzzfeed. And today I read a thing on the "essential" hipster clothing. Half of it I wear already . . . well, still. Flannel shirts, Doc Martens, Bucket hats, coveralls. all of these things i have been wearing for decades and now it's all associated with my most hated demographic. I am devastated. I'm so old, I'm hip again. This phase must have broken my mother's heart. Maybe that's why she hates me. No, it started before that, but it's a good reason. If i had some smart assed kid going around dressed like me, I'd be bent, too.

I have to go to bed. I want to do some yard work tomorrow, and I have to get it done before the sun comes up too high. While it's still behind the neighbor's trees. Get my side of the yard raked and hoed. at long last.
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If you know of one of these sites, let me know, I'll try anything.

I looked up Simon's symptoms in the Merk manual, and he needs to go to the vet. *sigh* At least it wasn't a stroke. He likely has gum disease, or a fungal infection. Something that can easily be treated, but must be treated by the vet. So I will call tomorrow and get an estimate on sedation, examination and potential treatment and then talk to doc about it. I know he's saving up to get the truck fixed, because it is broken, and this will not endear Simon to him at all. Lordy.

I owe my shrink $90 before I can go back in next monday. I owe my dentist $60 before I can get my tooth out, and then will owe him more. I have no money. After I see my shrink I will need $100 for meds. And somehow I'm supposed to get the problem child to the vet. and they don't do payment arrangements, I tried that when Chloe died. I am so fucked.

I could go on one of those charity crowdsourcing site and post pictures and his story, but I don't know of any sites (i've just heard they exist), and I don't know that anyone would give, and that would break my heart. If you know of one of these sites, let me know, I'll try anything. Simon has a really interesting back story and I have some heart wrenching pictures of him. And I can take one of how he looks now, all matted with drool and his tongue hanging out. That would pull at heart strings.

I could sell some of my Tiggers on eBay. But they aren't worth a lot. There's just a lot of them.

The treatment and sedation would be under a thousand dollars. that seems an easy enough sum to raise. though i know it isn't. $5 is a hard sum to raise. but I could try.

Lelu plays Doc like a country fiddle. She will lick all the gravy out of her soft food when he feeds her, knowing that if she stops there, he will make her more gravy with water and give it to her, then, when she licks all of that out, he will give up and put the food away. I just gave her her soft food and she ate the whole portion. In 6 minutes. He is such a sucker for her.

The albino lizard family, of which one survives, thanks to Vader and his Meowsaad assassin crew, approves of the new lighting out on the patio. It stations itself under the net, in the middle, and just waits for dinner to come to the light. It still won't let me get a decent picture of it though. I will win tonight, I will take my camera out there and leave it there, since everything is locked up and there is no weather to speak of. I Will get a picture of that little bastard and his big, dark eyes.

i'm going to go research websites and see if I can't find a charity money raising site for Simon. If I had that set up and going when I brought all of this to Doc, it will soften the blow.
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Right on the meaty part.

okay, indiegogo is my site of choice. I've assembled pictures and video, and I plan to go in and take some pictures and videos of him with his tongue hanging out. And I'm going to write his story out. Using all my talent as a writer, I will present him as "One of the stars of Circus Catimus, an up and coming internet celebrity pet group", and pledge to put any extra money directly to the Animal Foundation here in Vegas. What else would I do with the extra money for a cat? The Animal Foundation seems the only logical choice. Then I can post the picture of the tax receipt for the contributors.

Who knows, my next move may be to officially team the Animal Foundation and Circus Catimus up for a permanent fund raising thing. All because Simon got sick. The thing is, I have to do this tonight and move quickly, if he goes without eating for more than a few days, he'll get fatty liver and die like Henry did.

Doc and I were talking about Major and his brain and Doc opined, and I find this reasonable, Major got sunstroke while he was feral. He was half starved when we got him, he's twice the cat he was. Because he doesn't have any symptoms of a major stroke, but there is something not right with this cat. He's cute and lovely to be with and loves me as hopelessly as I love him, but the boy ain't right.

Did you see my patio video? "Thriftstore Chic: Homestyle" is a thing I'm trying to start. It is perfect for a segment of people my age, and for the hipsters. Just because I don't want to be one doesn't mean I don't want some of their attention. So if you ever hear it or read about it, it's mine. I thought of that. Onne afternoon on the phone with Kelli a couple of years ago. It's better than Bohemian because it isn't designer. Anyone can have it. A little paint, a little fabric/used clean sheets and everything goes together. That's why in the patio video, it's a "before" vid, the "after" will come after I've painted the furniture and redone the chairs. And a million other little things I mean to do.

Major just ate and is now asleep on the new cat scratchy thing. I swear, I don't know why Nan gave it up. It seemed almost new, maybe her cats didn't dig it like mine do.

I wonder how Mr. Sketch scented markers would work on canvas - art you can smell! Yeah, I smoke pot, why do you ask? (had to take a moment and tweet that gem.)

Time to scoop and fill the litter boxes. Be back by the next word.

Doc left the screen door slightly open today while we were on the patio and it was just enough for Major to get his fat belly through. I tried to get him back in and spilled a lot of blood doing it. And I was unsuccessful as well. So he played in the back yard with Vader and the Crew and then somehow was able to get out of the yard. He couldn't go over the wall, he was too fat to make the jump. Doc saw him going into the garage, which we leave the big door of open a few inches for just such a time, and maneuvered him into the house before i woke up from my nap.

I just emptied my email's Deleted Items folder contents, how traumatizing.

Those frozen dinners I was on about last week? The enchilada one that I loved so much . . . turns out Doc got it at the dollar store. So he got a bunch more for me today. The freezer is full and there's one in the fridge for tonight, I'll have to guess the nuking time since it will be thawed, but that's not important. I have leftover taco meat from the nachos I made yesterday that I'm going to add to the enchilada. Nom nom nom nom nom nomnom. oh yeah, and add cheese and granulated garlic to the beans. It's going to be great. I may even have some Cool Ranch Doritos with that.

Which leads me to my tooth, which is pain free still. I'm almost out of antibiotics, so I have to be really careful until I can pay the dentist. Maybe the chips aren't such a good idea. Still, nom.

I just gave Chewy a bacon treat. He is so gentle with me. As excited as he gets over his bacon treats, he carefully takes it from me and takes it away to eat. Then he comes back and cuddles me.

Is it bad karma to steal and love a dog whose owners don't care about? Oso was locked out in the heat of the day on a pavement back yard. The next time that dog gets away and comes here for water, I swear, I'm not letting it leave. I'm renaming him Spike and getting him fixed. And teaching him English. Karma be damned.

Chewy has this weird little habit that he's had since we got him. When I pet his belly (which is never often enough for him), he chews on my hand. Not hard, if I say "Ow" he backs it off a little. But while he's chewing on it, he's also sucking on my hand. His favorite place to chew is between my thumb and forefinger. And I swear when my hand is in his mouth, I can feel him sucking on it. It's his way of playing. When he plays with Teeny, he chews on her back thighs. Right on the meaty part.